Gotra Of Shiva Vishnu Brahma

The term Vishnu is from the Sanskrit root Jishnu 'Vishnum Jishnum Mahavishnum prabha Vishnum Maheswaram' Vishnu Sahasranama. Jishnum means 'supporting,supportive' As Vishnu is the Protector and supports the Universe,he is called Vishnu.

Lord Shiva with Vibhuthi.image.

Five Burning Ghat Shiva Temples

Though there are Bhairava Temples in the North indicating Shiva's association with Burning Ghats and there is the association of Varanasi, Benares with Burning Ghat, there seems to be no clear

Kashyapa Father of Vishnu Rudra Paediatrics Kashmir An Overview

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Sri Rudra Shiva Trisati Sanskrit Kannada Tamil Text

There are Eight forms of Shiva Sahasranama, One Dasa Sahasranama(10,000 names),and a Rudra Trisati. There seems to be no Trisati for Shiva. The Rudra Trisati is from the Rudram. It is a different form of Sri Rudra recital.

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Ten Thousand Names of Shiva,Shiva Dasa Sahasranama

Rudra,like other Gods,has Trisati too. What is surprising is that Shiva has Eight different sahasranamas(mentioned in the Anusashan parva of the Mahabharata) And Shiva has a Dasa Sahasranama as well! It is very to come by. Dasa ,hundred:Sahasra,1000;dasa sahasra is 10,000)