Dew Drops On Krishna in Summer,Himvad Gopalaswamy Temple

Himavad Venugopala Swamy temple.image

There seems to be no end to the architectural marvels in the temples of India.

We have temples,where

  • The pillars give out the basic seven notes Carnatic Music,
  • The rays of the Sun fall on the main deity on a particular day/time,
  • The idols change colour daily/hourly/once in Fourteen days,
  • The pillar does not rest on the ground,
  • The shadow of the tower falls on the base,
  • There are thousands pillars,
  • The idol looks male from the front and female from behind,
  • The idol appears to look straight at you,
  • Temples which are aligned at a specific longitudes,
  • Temple tank where one can not look at each other while they bathe on the opposite bank,
  • Where the area near the sanctum feels like air-conditioned ,while other areas are in tune with the temperature outside the temple,
  • Where water drops on the Presiding Deity from the top which has no source of water.

Of the last,that is of water dripping on the Presiding Deity,Moolavar, I have written on the Shiva Temple in Temple.

I have just visited a visited a Vishnu temple where water drops on the Presiding Deity and on the step to the sanctum.

The temple is Himvad Gopalaswamy temple at Himvad Hills located near,about thirty kilometers from Gundlupet.

Private transport is stopped at the base as the hill is a protected Tiger sanctuary.

The climb to the top from the base is about six kilometers and frequent buses are available.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna as Gopalaswamy.

Himvad Gopalaswamy .image
Himvad Gopalaswamy.

The temple is reported to have been constructed in thirteenth century.

The Presiding Deity is Gopalaswamy Krishna and Sage Agastya is reported to have installed it.

One can see few drops dropping on the Presiding Deity,Moolavar and on the step just in front of the sanctum even on a hot summer day.

The roof has no source for water supply.

The water seems to be from the roof stone.

The same construction is found in a Shiva Temple in Tamil Nadu.

The stone,Tamil Literature is called Chandrakantha Kal,meaning stone that attracts Moon’s rays and it converts it into water.

It also draws power from the rays of the Sun.

The temple is well maintained and free food is offered to devotees between 12 and 2 pm.

Nearest airport,Mysuru, Bangalore.

Railway station , Mysuru,Nanjangudu.

Buses are available from Gundlupet and Nanjangudu.

Preferable mode of public transport is from Gundlupet.

Type of Place: Hill and ancient Temple

Situated: Chamarajanagar District, karnataka. INDIA.

Distance: 220 Km from Bangalore; 75 Km from Mysore; 10 kms from Hangala Village, 21kms from Bandipur Reception area.

Transport: Only Karnataka State Government buses ply to the top of the hill.

Information: Private Vehicles / Tourist Vehicles are not allowed to the top of the hill

Timings: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Staying Options: Forest Guest House at Bandipur, Jungle Lodges, M.C.Resorts, Country Club, Cicada Resort.

Lodges in Gundlupet,Nanja Nanjangudu.

Reference and citation from the temple site.




2 responses to “Dew Drops On Krishna in Summer,Himvad Gopalaswamy Temple”

  1. Namaskaram Sir, could you please inform me in which temple the idol appears to look straight at you .
    Thank you for the great service you are doing for us the Hindus.


    • Thirukkannapuram,Nagappatinam district.There are more temples like this. I do not remember all of them.Shall write on them. Thank you.Regards


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