Three Hundred Thirty Two Festivals A Year Sri Rangam Renganathar

One relates to this concept of God easily and strongly. This is the power of Saguna Aradhana. Hindu texts state that this mode of relating to the Reality, is akin to one doing pre  Kindergarten before obtaining PhD. One can not get PhD, without kindergarten,

Mortal Remains Without Chemicals Well Preserved 881 Years Sanctum Ramanujarcharya Srirangam

Sandalwood paste and saffron are used to maintain the body and no other chemicals are added.
Twice a year, a coat of camphor mixed with saffron, which produces ochre/orange tint on the preserved body and this tradition has been practiced for more than 878 years.

Thulukka Nachiar ,Melkote Vishnu’s Consort Ghazanvi Masud ‘s Daughter

The term Nachiar is very special in Tamil.

In social traditions now,the term is used to denote the Lady of the house belonging to Thevar Community.

The are, mostly ,are Saivaites.

In Sri Vaishnava Tradition,the Term Nachiar is used to denote Consort of Lord Vishnu, though Lakshmi is generally addressed as Thayaar,Mother.

Andal,a great Saint and one of the Twelve Azhwars,is called Kodhai Nachiar.

Vyakthaa Self Manifested Vishnu Temples Astakshara Temples

These are called Vyaktha Kshetras,that is where Lord Vishnu makes Himself available as Idol and thus becomes Describable.

There are also called Astakshara Temples as they represent the eight letters of Vishnu's Sacred Name

Athi Venkateswara Different Musical Notes From Hanuman Vanmutti

This temple has the Idol made of Athi Tree as the one in Kanchipuram Varadaraja Perumal temple.

The moolavar is Lord Vishnu and the Utsavar is Yoga Narasimha,which is a rarity.