Matsya Purana Temple Design Amarkantak Temple Madhya Pradesh

Oldest temple in This design is found in Amarkantak temples in Madhya Pradesh. It is the birth place of River Narmada, Son and Johila

Parvati Awaits You Bhubaneswar City Of Thousand Temples

And Kancheepuram,Tamil Nadu is called the City of temples.

And Kumbakonam.

But the city that had over one thousand temples is,


Most of the temples have been demolished by the Mughals.

What remains is only a miniscule.

Pyramid Temple Varanasi ?

No country in the world can compare with India for the exposition of the pyramidal cross. the body of the great temple of Bidh Madhu (formerly the boast of the ancient city of Benares...demolished in the 7th century

Farmer Shiva Temple Sun Rays Fall Thirukkozhundeeswara.

This type of worship is called Saguna Upasna, Worship of Reality with Attributes.

Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that He(Krishna) appears and grants the wishes of His Devotees in the Name and Form He is addressed