No Pakistan without Dravidasthan EVR to Jinnah .The EVR Conspiracy

EVR statue with Atheist Message

I have stopped writing on Political issues some years back,though I was covering it, because I wanted to concentrate on research on Sanatana Dharm and share my finds to people so that people know how misinformation is history in India and that such misinformation was by secularists.

However some events in India,of late,at the National level,with a national party worker,the party might disown him any time has filed a case against Bhoomi Pujan at Ayodhya for construction of Lord Rama’s Temple,and in South a conspiracy at the Media level to denigrate Hinduism and by the DMK with AIADMK as mute spectator.

Very obscene insults were hurled at Karthikeya Mantra and it became a serious issue.I shall write in detail later.

What I have found,though suspected, is a deep rooted conspiracy to to spread hatred against Hinduism and the rest of India , especially North India.

This goes back to pre independence days.

A group calling themselves Dravidian sprang up and started to thrive on the now disputed Aryan Invasion Theory ,to divide India by creating A Dravidasthan.

This initiative ,in the beginning included the Southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradeshj, Telengana,, Pondicherry, Karnataka and Kerala.

This was the handiwork of paid ( indirectly),Agents of the British to weaken the National struggle for Independence.

Luckily except Tamil Nadu, other states did not fall into the trap.

The chief architect of this is one E.V.Ramasamy Naicker from Erode.

He was in Congress and later came out of it and formed DK.He positioned himself as a Rationalist , Atheist and attacked Hinduism, Sanatan Dharm ,Vedas and Brahmins vehemently. He sowed the seed of Brahmin hatred in Tamilnadu.Brahmins were assaulted,their Upaveedha)Jaanu torn,Tufts of Brahmins shaved in Public,Ganesa idols broken everywhere.

He never uttered a single word against Christianity or Islam.

He denigrated Tamil. His mother tongue was Kannada.He ,at the same time projected himself as the Saviour of Tamil.

Difficult to believe?

He is venerated even today in Tamilnadu as Periyar,meaning Elder.

You would find statutes ,streets,roadsbus stations named after him in every town in Tamil Nadu.

He was a man who declared women need not marry,he married his foster daughter, called Rama ,Sita,Krishna in the most filthy language. He through a resolution in his party DK read out by CN Annadurai,who later became the CM of Tamilnadu.

The resolution requested King George VI not to grant freedom to India and even if he decides, he could grant to other regions in India except Madras Presidency and Madras Presidency would serve under the British Empire!

I have decided to expose these anti Indian group ,whose cadres are still ruling Tamil Nadu though they have changed the name. The opposition’s party in Tamil Nadu is also the Chelas of EVR.

The leaders from North right from PM down to any celebrity pay obesiance to EVR and other anti nationals even Today thus granting legitimacy to this group.

Time people of North knew of these insidious people.

I shall expose with documents who these are and what their agenda is.

First I am providing the photocopy of a letter from EVR to Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his reply.

EVR letter To JinnaEVR letter.
EVR Mohammad Ali Jinnah correspondence.

Note what EVR says.

No Pakistan is possible without Dravidasthan.

He adds that he was apprehensive that Hindu Muslim issue will be resolved.

Lease zoom in the image to read the letter.

Of course,Jinnah, understanding the true nature of the man, refused to oblige EVR.

To note that EVR is worshipped in Tamilnadu?

Will write more on this.

Source of the present article letter can be found at the bottom of the image in this post.

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    • A small correction. It was Emperor George 6th and not Queen Ezhizabeth as you have mentioned in this blog. When India got its independence Reigning Monarch was still King George 6th. Queen Ezhizabeth was coronated as Queen in 1952.


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