Aryan Invasion Theory Why How By Whom

Aryan Invasion Theory Why How By Whom

Aryan Invasion Theory.


Rajaraja Chozha Killed Elder Brother Aditha Karikala? Epigraphy Evidence

So, it is probably, by the process of elimination,that Rajaraja Chozha was behind the conspiracy to kill Adhitya Karikala with the help of Kundavai,Vandhyath Thevan and planning by Aniruddha Brahmaraya. This would account for the meek acquiescence of Rajaraja Chozha to the Coronation of Madhurantaka and leaving for Lanka expedition, exposing Sundara Chozha too , to manage any fallout of the assassination,along with Madhurantaka.

Kashi Vishwanath Gynavapi Mosque Aurangazeb’s Firman Command Images

There this cry is not heard because even the memories of earlier civilizations have been wiped out. Nor would you hear this in Africa for here also the people have been brainwashed into believing that they had no culture or history, as is often made out for Arabia before the advent of promoted Religions/ sects. When you take the instance of China you would not find references to pre-Buddist information ,or even a reference to religion under the communist dispensation. So history is what Victors tell you what it is.It is alright if the rulers continue to rule over you. But if your history and culture is denied even after you have become free of Invaders?

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