Rama Tamil Civilization Forerunner of Sumerian

Rama Empire Tamil Civilizations In Sumeria

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Rama Empire in Sumeria Tamils in Middle East

History of Sanatana goes back to thousands of years, yet we seem to be stuck with three thousand years of History! Evidence abounds around the world, indicating the presence of Sanatana Dharma and Vedic Practices. Remnants of Vedic practices are found in all world cultures. In this article, we shall examine the presence of Sanatana Dharma in the Middle East during ancient times.

The Sumerian/ Assyrian culture were intricately connected to Tamil and Sanatana Dharma.

A Tamil-Brahmi script inscribed on a potsherd, which was found at the Khor Rori area in Oman, has come to light now. The script reads “nantai kiran” and it can be dated to first century CE, that is, 1900 years before the present.

The discovery in the ancient city of Sumhuram has opened a new chapter in understanding the maritime trade of the Indian Ocean countries, according to specialists in history.

. Rama Empire in Sumeria Tamils in Middle East

Middle East Sumerian Harappa ,Tamils DNA Study Reveal

Contrary to what was found earlier,the first human migration was from Asia, specifically from South of Vindhya Mountains.

The earliest DNA has been traced to Madurai,Tamil Nadu,India.

There is more.

One finds there is variety and yet at the same time a unity among the people of India.

Nowhere in the world would you find a similar if not identical way of social behaviour among the people of this vast country,India,be it how they eat,the practices from birth to death, entertaining guests…

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Rama Kings Thailand Rama Kien

A Tamil Brahmin from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu founded the empires in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

Tamil Saint Andal’s Thiruppavai and Shiva’s prayer Thiruvembavai are celebrated as National Festivals in Thailand.

Now there have been Kings of Thailand ,named after Lord Rama.

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The emblems of the Chera Chola and Pandyas.image
Emblems of Chera Chola and Pandyas

How Tamil Kings Are Named Identified Epigraphs Inscriptions

In the case of Epigraphs and Inscriptions  , method is followed by the Kings is to record their names and also identify their Dynasty by their Titles, like Parakesari,Valavan,Sembiyan… in the case of Cholas; மாறவர்மன்(Maravarman), சடய வர்மன்(Satayavarman) got Pandyas; வானவரம்பன்(Vaana varambhan) ,இமய வரம்பன்( Imayavaramban) in the case of Chera.

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