Rama Empire In Middle East Sumeria Evidence

History of Sanatana goes back to thousands of years, yet we seem to be stuck with three thousand years of History! Evidence abounds around the world, indicating the presence of Sanatana Dharma and Vedic Practices. Remnants of Vedic practices are found in all world cultures. In this article, we shall examine the presence of Sanatana Dharma in the Middle East during ancient times.

The Sumerian/ Assyrian culture were intricately connected to Tamil and Sanatana Dharma.

A Tamil-Brahmi script inscribed on a potsherd, which was found at the Khor Rori area in Oman, has come to light now. The script reads “nantai kiran” and it can be dated to first century CE, that is, 1900 years before the present.

The discovery in the ancient city of Sumhuram has opened a new chapter in understanding the maritime trade of the Indian Ocean countries, according to specialists in history.

Potsherd found in Oman. Uri , Tamil. Pot used for keeping Curd or for fermenting Milk

1.Lord Rama’s Chapel was found in UR, Iraq.*

Rama Chapel at UR Iraq

2.A burial ground called as Nagar is fond in Syria. It is called Tel Brak now.

3.Idols of Rama,Sita and Lakshmana are found.*

4.Ancestors of the Syrians were the Halaf and Ubaid.

They date back to 6100 BC.

They had connection with the Tamils and this is reflected in the ruins of  Nagar.*

These people traded with the Tamils.

https://ramanisblog.in/2015/10/22/ramas-war-with-atlantis-ramayanas-missing-chapter/”Naram-Sin traded with Meluhha (almost certainly corresponding to the Indus Valley civilization), and controlled a large portion of land along the Persian Gulf. He expanded his empire by defeating the King of Magan at the southern end of the Persian Gulf, and conquering the hill tribes to the north in the Taurus Mountains.

5.Akkadian’s( Forefathers of the Sumerians) Moon God was Naram Sin, Narasimha.*

6.There are repeated references in the Sumerian/Akkadian language to Meluuha.

The interpretation and location of this place is hotly debated.

Sumerian texts repeatedly refer to three important centers with which they traded: Magan, Dilmun, and Meluhha. Magan is usually identified with Egypt in later Assyrian texts; but the Sumerian localization of Magan was probably Oman. Dilmun was a Persian Gulf civilization which traded with Mesopotamian civilizations, the current scholarly consensus is that Dilmun encompassed Bahrain, Failaka Island and the adjacent coast of Eastern Arabia in the Persian Gulf.

The location of Meluhha, however, is hotly debated. There are scholars today who confidently identify Meluhha with the Indus Valley Civilization (modern South Asia) on the basis of the extensive evidence of trading contacts between Sumer and this region. Sesame oil was probably imported from the Indus River region into Sumer: the Sumerian word for this oil is illu (Akkadian: ellu). In Dravidian languages of South India, el or ellu stands for sesame”

7.Ancient Tamil Brahmi Scripts were found in Oman and Egypt.

These facts establish that,

The Tamils were an advanced civilisation by 2200 BC(Akkadian Empire)

The Hindu Gods and Goddesses were worshiped in Sumeria,

Names of Lord Rama and Bharata were found in the Kings List of Sumeria.

In addition to this, we find Rama Kingdom in Atlantis as stated from Atlantis legends.

In transpires from these that Rama Empire was one of the earliest Civilisations in the Atlantic region. Rama gained territories in the region from the grandson of Atlas, Horus. Rama was instrumental in defeating Seth in the area now called Egypt and covered Middle East.

‘conflicting objectives resulted in deadly warfare between Osiris and his brother Seth. Leading Osiris’s Egyptian armies was Osiris’ eldest son Horus. After Osiris’ unfortunate ‘death’, Horus succeeded his father as king of the Libyan/Egyptian Empire. Intuitively, Horus knew what would happen when they landed in Libya. He completely distrusted his uncle. Horus persistently warned his father about Seth’s stubbornness and treachery. Osiris, believing in the goodness of the human heart, initially ignored his son’s advice. Subsequently, Osiris landed in Libya and after Seth’s abdication became Emperor’

After the demise of Osiris, his son Horus entered into a pact with Rama Empire(Emperor Zata’ar’s eldest son, Prince Rama.) to defeat Seth, the usurper.

This new Indus river civilization allowed Horus to establish a temporary chain of powerful fortress cities in the Sinai. Thus, Horus was able to attack Seth’s forces and later kill Seth in a mighty battle.

And when forces attacked Rama at Rishi Valley , they were defeated by Rama.https://ramanisblog.in/2015/10/22/ramas-war-with-atlantis-ramayanas-missing-chapter/

On the basis of these findings, it may be postulated that Rama Empire was the forerunner, or one of the earliest Civilizations in Sumeria / Middle East.

More to follow.

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  1. Unbelievable…!! Evidence suggests that no war took place in IVC, since no trace of weaponry was found. But the civilization of Sinauli, a later civilization showed signs of wars, coz, shields, daggers, chariots and swords were found. Compared to the Sinauli civilization, IVC was a peace-loving civilization. How come Rama empire existed in Sumeria? What was the relation btw Seth, his brother and Rama? Did Rama really war with Atlantis? According to literary or epigraphic evidence does Tamil date back to 6100 BC, viz, approx. 8000 years. A scholar by name Mannar Mannan, says that cave arts and earliest script form could date back to 10,000 years. Also, a Marathi script in the Modi form had been discovered in Thanjavur a couple of years ago. This too could push Tamil’s antiquity to possibly 10,000 years. Could u pls provide answers for these questions?


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