First Pandya King During Ramayana Expert Horse rider Vadimbalambaninra Pandyan 5100 BC ?

We have been tracing the Genealogy of the ancient Tamil Kings, and trying to date them based on the date of Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata.Based on this, we have dated Karikal Chozhan, Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan, the Chera King and the date of Sarangadwaja Pandya, father of Madurai Meenakshi, who took part in Kurukshetra war. Sarangadwaja Pandya is dated, on the basis of Kurukshetra war, around 5100 CE.

Evidence in Tamil Literature mentions many more Kings, Chera Chola and Pandyas, who preceded the Kings Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan, Karikal Chozhan and Sarangadwaja Pandya.We shall attempt to find more about these Kings and try to assign dates to them.

I shall try to trace the Pandya Kings, who are referred to in Tamil Sangam Literature, who ruled before Sarangadwaja Pandya. The book Narkudi Velalar Varalaaru, published in 1920 and authenticated by Great Tamil Scholars like Venkatasamy Naattar among others.

consisting of 1,035 Tamil poems by Arumuga Nayinar Pillai. It was published in 1920 by Sri S. Vala Subramaniya Pillai of Sivakalai. The book narrates the history of the Irungovel family, a branch of Pandya rulers who reigned for 201 generations from 3100 BCE to 1944 AD

The exact Tamil Name of Sarangadwaja Pandya , I am yet to ascertain. However, references to this Pandya is solid in Mahabharata and also the references to Perunchotru Udhiyan Cheralaathan having fed both Pandava and Kaurava armies. Evidence of Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan’s son Cheralaathan having led an expedition to North India.

Though Tamil literature lists Kings who ruled before Mahabharata, I am here presenting the First Pandya King of the Pandya Dynasty about whom references are found in Sangam Classics.Ramayana mentions the land of Pandyas, by way of instructions by Sugreeva to his Vanara Sena while directing them to search for the abducted Sita of Ramayana.( Sundarakanda).

Based on the date of Sarangadwaja Pandya and Kurukshetra war of Mahabharata, we shall proceed further.

Though there many Kings , including Pandyas who preceded Sarangadwaja Pandya, I have been able trace Four Pandyan Kings.I shall trace the Chera and Chozha Kings later. In the Pandya lineage ,the four Pandyas who ruled before, Sarangadwaja PandyaI have been able to trace, are Vadivalambaninra Pandyan,Palyaagasalai Mudhukudumipperuvazhthi, Nilanthiruvir Pandyan and Perumpeyar Palyaagasalai Mudhukudumipperuvazhthi is marked as the 66th in Pandya Kings’ List.( Narkudi Velalar Varalaaru, link provided in the article)

Vadimbalambaninra Pandyan. He is reported to have ruled much before Mahabharata and ruled for 24,000 Years.We may take 24, 000 as poetic hyperbole or could be a fact as I do not have evidence that people did not live that long. He was also called t’ Nediyon’ because he ruled for such a long period. He was one who celebrated a festival for Varuna, God of Ocean( முன்னீர் விழவின் நெடியோன்
நன்னீர் பஃறுளி மணலினும் பலவே (புறம்-9, Puranaanuru 9).He seems to have followed Sanatan Dharma as he is also referred to as one who conducted a festival for Indra, Chief of Devas. This festival was called Indira vizha.This is recorded in Tamil Epic Silappadhikaram. The Festival for Varuna was celebrated at the mouth of the now defunct ( or still flowing under Indian Ocean) Pahruli River joined the Sea.As of now he is the only one who seems to have ruled very much before Mahabharata.He was followed by other three Pandya Kings, who preceded Sarangadwaja.The period corresponds to Lemuria and MU Civilization timeline.

Vadimbalambaninra Pandyan.

His name… Vadimbalambaninra Pandyan has an interesting background.’Vadimbu ‘ is an ancient Tamil word to refer to ‘ Foot Arch’ the concave portion of the Inner feet, which is/ was used by skillful riders to Speed up the 🐎. Vadivalambaninra Pandyan seems to have been a master of this technique. (வடிம்பு என்பது உள்ளங்கால், உள்ளங்கை முதலானவற்றின் விளிம்பு. கை, கால் வடிம்புகளில் (விளிம்புகளில்) குவளைப் பூக்களை நிறுத்தி, மகளிர் பொய்தல் விளையாடினர். நெடுந்தொடர்க் குவளை வடிம்பு உற அடைச்சி மணல் கமழ் மனைதொறும் பொய்தல் அயர மதுரைரைக்காஞ்சி 588 கால் வடிம்பால் (விளிம்பால்) குதிரைகளைத் தட்டி ஓட்டிச் சவாரி செய்தனர். மா உடற்றிய வடிம்பு பதிற்றுப்பத்து 70, கடுமா கடைஇய விடுபரி வடிம்பு புறம் 378 எருமைக் கடாவைக் காளி கால் வடிம்பால் மிதித்தாள். ஏற்றருமை நெஞ்சம் வடிம்பின் இடந்தாள் கலித்தொகை 103-44 என வரும் சொல்லாட்சிகளால் வடிம்பு என்னும் சொல்லின் பொருளை உணரலாம்.)

Based on Ramayana date …

Rama’s Birth Date:“This planetary configuration was prevailing on the January 5, 5089 BC, and it was on this day that Shri Ram left Ayodhya for 14 years of exile.

Thus, he was 25 years old at that time (5114-5089)’ we may date Vadimbalambaninra Pandyan around 5100 BC.

However, there could have been some other Pandya Kings who preceded him.I am looking for specific names of Kings in Ramayana.I shall update.As my blog is research oriented, I write with available information at a given point of time and update as and when I get additional information.

Readers may contribute.

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