Temple Construction Pdf Texts Not Veda Upa Veda Temple Construction 3

I seem to landing on controversies when I start writing in detail. I have written on Temple construction History. I have mentioned that temple Worship is not mentioned in the Vedas. A reader had sent me information that it is a part of Atharva Veda,called Stapatya Veda. There are articles by eminent people like Sri.Ganapathy … Continue reading Temple Construction Pdf Texts Not Veda Upa Veda Temple Construction 3

Dew Drops On Krishna in Summer,Himvad Gopalaswamy Temple

Where the area near the sanctum feels like air-conditioned ,while other areas are in tune with the temperature outside the temple, Where water drops on the Presiding Deity from the top which has no source of water.

Micro Drilling Machining Gear Technology 12 Century Hoysaleswara Temple

I will be writing exclusively on the architecture of Temples in India, Temple wise. The temples built by the Hoysalas were in no way lagging behind. The Hoysaleswara temple built by Vishnuvardhana , in Hampi around 12th century AD.

Linga With Meteorite Roof Madurai Meenakshi Temple VR Tour

There are temples in India where the roof,Vimana is made of Meteorite. To my knowledge, there are three such temples. Somasundareswara,Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Hanuman Temple,Lonar,Maharashtra, and Shiva Temple atcThiriveezhimazhalai,Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu.

Entrance Exit Signs in Temples Yali Sculpture

If you want to exit from the Sanctum, find the Yali Sculpture. Follow the direction of the Yali with a straight tail. You shall Exit. If you want to enter the sanctum, find a Yali among the numerous Yalis, with a twisted Trunk.