Protogonos Greek First Born From Prajapati Hinduism

I have found that the early Greek concept of First Human or Prajapati seems to have been derived from Sanatana Dharm.Before the Secularists and Anglophiles in India jump that this is twisting of facts and history, I would like to add, please search Greeks ramanan50.

Gotra Of Shiva Vishnu Brahma

The term Vishnu is from the Sanskrit root Jishnu

'Vishnum Jishnum Mahavishnum prabha Vishnum Maheswaram' Vishnu Sahasranama.

Jishnum means 'supporting,supportive'

As Vishnu is the Protector and supports the Universe,he is called Vishnu.

Rudra Birth Place Adi Gokarna Creates World Ekadasa Rudras

Her fearful but innocent pleading moved Rudra.

He asked if she had any wishes. Bhoomi requested him to move out slowly from a tiny hole in her ear. She also requested him to take a tiny form (Angushta Matra).

Rudra conceded to her request and came out of Bhoomi’s ear.

Shiva Thiruvannamalai At The Instant Of Earth’s Creation By Brahma

Now Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu, India is 3.5 Billion years old!

In Puranic version of Brahma's creation, the first creation for this kalpa was around 4.32 Billion Years.

In such great stretches of Time 5 to 10 billion years is allowed in calculation.

Hence it is probable Shiva was at Thiruvannamalai when Brahma created the world around 4.32 Billion Years ago!

Origin of Thamboola Auspicious Gift Hinduism

It is customary for Indian households to offer Gift to visitors. Mandatory are the Kumkum(Vermillion) and Thamboola. The Kumkum is a sign of wealth and prosperity and it represents Goddess Mahaslakshmi, called as Sri. Thamboolam. The significance of offering Kumkum is the wishes of the house holder that the visitor may be blessed with Prosperity. Thamboola … Continue reading Origin of Thamboola Auspicious Gift Hinduism