Ravana History by Brahmin Somachandra Odisha in Gold

I am checking on the history of Ravana from Sri Lanka.

Though some information is yet to be cross checked, I am providing information that have been checked and will be writing more.

Ravana who was killed by Lord Rama was a Brahmin.

He was also considered to be part Yaksha.

He was also part of the Dravidas of the South and the Naga Loka was considered to be under him.

He was a Sanskrit scholar and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.

He ruled vast stretches of territory which included the now sunk Atlantis.

His father in law, Maya built a city in Atlantis.

Maya is also credited with having built Indraprastha, now called Delhi, capital of India.

Ravana had his reserve Army in Atlantis, The Americas.

Ravana is mentioned in Ramayana in detail and all the Eighteen Puranas of India, Mahabharatha, and classics of regional languages of India.

Not only Hindu texts refer to him but Buddhist texts as well.

He was called Ravana Buddha, Buddha denoting Enlightened one.

He wrote Shiva Tandava Stotra, treatises on Astrology and Ayurvedateachers veda.

He is reported to have conquered territories not covered by the Ikshvaku dynasty of Lord Rama.

Information of Ravana abounds in Sinhala , Ceylon.

One such work is Ravana Tales.

Ravana tales was written in Gold plate by a Brahmin, Somachandra Sri Bharathi from Odisha, India.

`Ravana Saga’ were based on the ola manuscript `Ravana

Tales’. The readers will wonder what this `Ravana Tales’

is? What is its history? This concluding chapter is intended

to provide the answer to such concerns.

Dr. Mirandi Obeysekere explains it as follows.

The original Ravana Tales had been written on gold

plates by Somachandra Sri Bharathi, an erudite Brahmin of

Kälinga Dash (presently known as Orissa) to be presented

to King Khallatanaga (110-104 BC) of Murunda dynasty.

However, he could not fulfill his wish as the King died

before the writing was completed.

Prince Marina, the elder son of King Khallatanaga

ascended the throne following the demise of his father

and the book was presented to him. Prince Marina was at

that time ruling in Girandurukotte with Mirandi Villa as

his centre of administration.

This book of gold sheaves was later inherited by his

elder son Prince Marina Senadhilankara and had since then

been passed over to the senior member of the succeeding

generation. Accordingly, it came into the possession of

the Chieftain Mildew Marina Senadhilankara who was

the Chieftain of Eva region. Subsequently it was inherited

by Marina Mahakappina Lanni Bandana Senadhilankana

who was a chieftain of Eva region, from his father Mildew

Marina Senadhilankara.

Erudite successors of this dynasty subsequently

contributed additional pages written on silver and copper

sheets to the original book of Sotuachandra Sri Bharathi.

The book contains factual information about King

Ravana, ancient Kshatriya (royal) families of Canna,

Brahmanic lineage, Naga, Yaksha, Diva clans, ancient

medicine, incantations, illangam and illangam (ancient battle

craft). The contents of the book were subsequently re-

written on Ala leaves and the original gold and copper

sheets had been donated to Mahiyangana temple.

The donation had been done by Adigar Wickramasinghe

(1515-1542 AD), son of General Rajaguru Marina

Mahakappina Lanni Bandana Kenadhilankara. Adigar

Wickramasinghe served as the Chief Adigar (Mama

Adikaratn) of King Jayaweera I (1514- 42 AD)’

Reference and Citation.


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4 responses to “Ravana History by Brahmin Somachandra Odisha in Gold”

  1. Where are the gold leaves and te rest of the tales on silver, copper, and leaves?
    They are a National Treasure and should be presented to the Nation for all to see!

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  2. Interesting blog. Now a questain arises—-Whether Ravan is a Good King or Bad King?


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