Ravana Parashuram Lived 340000 Years Before Sri Rama

Vishnu teaches Mandhata

The lineage of Sri Rama, Surya vansh,Solar Dynasty makes interesting reading for those interested in Researching Sanatana Dharma. As is known Sri Rama belongs to Solar Dynasty ,founded by Ikshvaku who was the son of Manu ,first human being. Manu also had a daughter called Ela who founded the Lemuria Empire of Chandra Vamsa. I shall write an article the importance of this fact to determine the date of Tamils. I had written about Lemuria, home of Tamils being 230 Million years old.

Now in this article let me explore the kings who preceded Sri Rama and their contemporaries.

Puthra kameshti yagnya. Rama was born after performing the yagnya

And even among these kings, let us explore one king at a time.

Mandhata. He was the Seventeenth King in the Lineage of Solar Dynasty. Sri Rama was the Fifty first in that Line.Mandhatha and Sri Rama were separated by eighteen Kings.

Ravana was a contemporary of Mandhata.( The hypothesis that there were more than one Ravana does not stand scrutiny of one checks Ramayana, Mahabharata and Purana)

Now Ravana was killed by Sri Rama .

This means Ravana was living about 3,40,000 Years before Sri Rama and Parashuram was his contemporary.

Average lifespan of Humans was, in Tretha Yuga, 10,000 years. Tretha Yuga lasts for 1,296,000 human years.

So Ravana and Parashuram preceded Sri Rama by about 3,40,000 years.

To the sceptics, it is not improbable for people to have such a long Lifespan and their technology Superior to us. I have sufficient material saved in Pinterest from credible sources to doubt our understanding of our ancient history .

And Historical Anamolies which we can not wish away with.

The information in Puranas and Ithihasas check out when one cross checks geography ,flora and fauna, and references in Regional languages like Tamil and ancient information found around the world.

‘As Mandhata grew old, he was having pride of his strength and desired to entirely conquer Swarga, the heavenly regions ruled by Indra. Indra was perturbed by this and told Mandhata that he had not completely conquered the earth. Indra told Mandhata that the Asura Lavana, the son of Madhu and Ravana, the king of Lanka were not a subject to his rule. As he knows he cannot pardon Indra’s request as his son, he goes to Madhupuri. Reference and citation. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandhatri


Vishnu Purana.

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  1. I read western writing about ramayana and Mahabharata and confused with that. They said ramayana is between two tribes in farmers in gangetic planes and hunters vindhiyan hills and Mahabharata is about local feud between tribes. The myth say its a big war called kurushetra war and involved North and South tribes.


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