Chozha Manu Dynasty List Tamil Confirms Purana Ikshvaku Genealogy

Chozha genealogy tallies with Matsya Purana,Vishnu Purana.

The Order of Kings is not followed in Tamil.

Marici is the father of Kasyapa.Tamil says it is the other way around,which is incorrect.

However, Names of other Kings tally.

Surya,Sun is mentioned in Tamil as well as the First of the Dynasty, Kasyapa and Marici being Rishis.

Tamil conveys the purport of Sisumara Chakra aspect of Surya, by calling Sun as ‘ one who drives a chariot with one Wheel.

Tamil also calls Sun as one who rules lands within all Boundaries, implying that Sun covers the whole land.

Marici is known for his truthfulness. Tamil also records this by calling him as ‘Mythakka Mayaru Kaatchiyon.

Manu is correctly called as the son of Surya,Sun.

Tamil adds one information  that Manu dispensed Justice to a Cow.