Rama Family Tree from Manu Confirmed by Genome Studies

Rama's Horoscope

The dates of Ramayana and Mahabharata have been confirmed by archeology, Astronomy, Paleantology, Literary references from foreign sources, Anthropology, archeoanthropology and Simulated software with inputs from these Indian texts and correlating them with Astronomical events. 

Mahabharatha alone has 39 cities validated. 

World During Ramayana Part 2 Uyghur Ramayana Central Asia.

This article is in continuation of my article ‘what was happening in the world during Ramayana, Part 1 India’. As I wrote in that article, the landmass was different from what it is today. See the map below. There were four ancient civilizations in those ancient times,out of them evolved the others. One of these,were… Continue reading World During Ramayana Part 2 Uyghur Ramayana Central Asia.

Cholas Ancestors of Rama?

Manu had a grand daughter through his daughter called Dakshina,one meaning of the term is South.

It is probable that she was the founder of the Lunar Dynasty , she was also called Ila.

Ila’s son was called Ellalan,who ruled the south.

Ellalan in Tamil means ‘one who rules the boundaries’

He was a king of the present Sri Lanka.

Mahavamsa of Sri Lanka records that he was a Chola and a noble king.

He was also called as Manu Needhi Chola, A Chola King in Dravida Desa.


Now there is the famous Emperor Sibi who belonged to Solar Dynasty.

His date preceds Rama’s.

‘The words “Kumari Kandam” first appear in Kanda Puranam, a 15th-century Tamil version of the Skanda Purana, written by Kachiappa Sivacharyara (1350-1420).[3] Although the Tamil revivalists insist that it is a pure Tamil name, it is actually a derivative of the Sanskrit words “Kumarika Khanda”.[4] The Andakosappadalam section of Kanda Puranam describes the following cosmological model of the universe: There are many worlds, each having several continents, which in turn, have several kingdoms. Paratan, the ruler of one such kingdom, had eight sons and one daughter. He further divided his kingdom into nine parts, and the part ruled by his daughter Kumari came to be known as Kumari Kandam after her. Kumari Kandam is described as the kingdom of the Earth. Although the Kumari Kandam theory became popular among anti-Brahmin anti-Sanskrit Tamil nationalists, the Kanda Puranam actually describes Kumari Kandam as the land where the Brahmins also reside, where Shiva is worshipped and where the Vedas are recited. The rest of the kingdoms are described as the territory of the mlecchas.[5]

He ruled from the north and conquered the south, defeating his maternal cousins.

This is recorded in the Temple history of Thiruvellarai, temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Pundarikaksha.

Please read my detailed article on this.

This Vishnu temple is older than Sri Rangam Ranganatha Temple in Tamil Nadu.

Ramayana records that Vibhishana requested the Idol of Lord Ranganatha from Lord Rama and though Rama gave him, Vishnu,Ran