Rama Family Tree from Manu Confirmed by Genome Studies

Horoscope of Lord Rama

Puranas,meaning ‘very old’, Eighteen in number, and the  Ithihasas Ramayana and Mahabharatha are recorded History of India.

The dates of Ramayana and Mahabharata have been confirmed by archeology, Astronomy, Paleantology, Literary references from foreign sources, Anthropology, archeoanthropology and Simulated software with inputs from these Indian texts and correlating them with Astronomical events.

Mahabharatha alone has 39 cities validated.

I have written on on these issues.

Now comes evidence from Genome studies.

(Genome studies and DNA cross matching trace human origin to Madurai from Africa.)

The Ramayana and the Puranas provide detailed chronology of Suryavamsa, the Solar dynasty.

​This list has been cross checked with Genome studies.

And these studies confirm the genealogy and time frame.

In the article Ms.Saroj Bala reveals the study results thus.

Almost all the major Genome studies carried out so far have revealed an amazing correlation of this genealogy with the genetic profile of humans settled in north, south, east and west of India since the Holocene (about 11000 years BP) to the present. Almost all the important studies in palaeo- anthropology, including those carried out by Kenneth A. R. Kennedy and Cavalli-Sfroza, have concluded that genetic profile of people of the Indian subcontinent has remained the same for last more than 55000 years and that for last 11000 years this profile is of culturally developing people who had started speaking a structured language and were taking cooked food.’

Reference and citation.


Please visit the above Link for excellent research material.

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