Sagara Ramas Ancestor Married Dravidian Princess

History of ancient India is complex,yet very interesting.

Seemingly disconnected facts,events acquire  significance when they are analysed .

One such is the intimacy between the Dravida Desa and Sanatana Dharma.

Both have an intricate,complex relationship .

Both quote each other.

The Kings of the Northern India had a close relationship with their counterparts from the south,right from the days of the First Human Being,Manu.

Manu was a king of Dravida Desa.

He meditated in Madagascar,which was a part of his kingdom.

He had a daughter who was married in the south.

She was Ila.

And King Sagara,of Ikshvaku Dynasty whose son. Bhagiratha brought River Ganga to earth,India was married to a south Indian,Dravida Princess.

She belonged to Sibi,aka Sivi dynasty.

She founded the Lunar Culture

Sagara) is a prominent king of the Suryavansha dynasty in Satya Yuga. He has two wives, one a princess of the Vidarbha, and the other from royal lineage of Sivi,’



King Sibi.

‘The story of Sibi Chakravarthy is so famous that it was sculpted in the Barhut, Nagarjunakonda ,Amaravati bas-reliefs and  Borobudur in Java,Indonesia (see Boropudur sculpture above).

Tamil epics Silappadikaram and Manimekalai gave more details about this link. Since the oldest part of Sangam Tamil literature mentions it no one can reject it. The link is confirmed with other stories as well.

Sibi ruled from the north west of India. There was a Sibi puram on the banks of river Chenab in Punjab. Sibi clan is mentioned in Rig Veda and Brahmanas. Panini referred one Sivapuram may be the same Sibipuram’

Sibi is in Nort west of India, currently in Pakistan.

There are views that Sibi ruled from there and that the Tamils were from North India.

Considering the differences between the Tamil Culture and Sanatana Dharma, thought Tamils were a part of Sanatana Dharma and the archeological evidence,Literature, the structural difference between Sanskrit , I am of the opinion that it is not so.

In the case of Sibi. it is probable that Sibi had the city of Sibi as a second capital.


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