Shiva Tribes In Kabul To Kaveri

The Shiva Cult in the south oh Vindhya Mountains,Dravida Desa preceded Shiva worship in the Vedic period.

1 Shiva is hardly mentioned by name in the Vedas,although He is mentioned in Sreerudram as ”nama Sivaayaca, Sivadharaayaca’

2.Shiva is mentioned copiously in all the ancient Tamil Classics.

3.While Shiva legends of the North deal only with his marriage with Uma,Sati’s death , the subsequent Unmatha of Shiva and the scattering of Devi’s body ,which are worshiped as 108 Shakti Peetas.

3.Though Daksha’s Yagnya,his fight with Shiva is referred to in the North Indian Traditions,more details of this incident is found in the literature of South.

4.Daksha, to avoid Shiva’s wrath,hid in Antarctica.

5.Daksha Yagnya Temple is in Kerala.

Shiva Lunga.gif
Shiva Linga

6.Shiva is praised as A Hunter,Kirata,in Srirudram.

7.Kirata Shiva Temple is in Kerala.

8.Arjuna fought with Shiva in the south to obtain Pasupathastra.

9.Parashurama,an Avatar of Vishnu worshiped Shiva in South.

10.Karna studied under Parashurama in the South.

11.The earliest mountain temple of Shiva,Thiruvannamalai is in Tamil Nadu.

12.Jwalapuram,Cuddapah district,Andhra,Nataraja Temple is 72,000 years old.

13.Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu is dated at 3.94 Billion years.

14.Temple where Shiva drank the Halakala poison is in Suruttupalli,border between Andhra(is it Telengana now?).

15.One Tamil king built 108 Shiva temples on the banks of River Kaveri,starting from Srirangapatna near Mysore,Karnataka to Thiruvanaikkaval,Tamil Nadu.

16.Some of these kings date back to Ramayana period,Perunchotru Udiyan Nedun Cheralaathan being one,Kochchenganaan,the other.And there are many more.

17.Shiva,as Chokkanatha,married Devi Meenakshi at Madurai.

18.Meenakshi’s father Malayathdwaja Pandya fought on the side of Pandavas during Mahabhartha Battle.

19.Shiva’s temples in all His aspects,Satyojaatham,Tatpurusham,Eesaanam,Vamadevam and Agoram are found in the south.

20.Shiva founded the Tamil language.

21.Sage Agastya,who is a link between north and south settled down in Podhigai range,Tamil Nadu.

22. Shiva,Agastya and Valmiki,who wrote Ramayana were Siddhas,Realized souls,Shiva being the First,Adi Yogi.

23.Satyavrata Manu was a king of Dravida desa.

24.Rama’s ancestor Sivi/Sibi built a temple for Vishnu as Punadarikaksha at Thiruvellarai near Sri Rangam

25. Tamil Chola kings belong to Ikshvaku dynasty.

26.The Yoga system of the Siddhas of south is based on Vaasi yoga and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra came later and it is a tool to practice Vaasi Yoga(please read my article on Vaasi Yoga)

I have written detailed article on each of the points mentioned in this article.

You may find them under Hinduism Category or Google search term ramanan50.

So it appears that Shiva and His people/tribe were distributed throughout India.

They were also present throughout the world.

With the available evidence now,Shiva tribes seem to have been in


Near Chittore,Rajasthan,

Near Yamuna river and near

River Kaveri

I may add that the ancient landmass was different from what it is now and places mentioned in South India were a part of Lemuria,others in Ikshvaku And Uighur Kingdoms.

‘It appears likely that the Sivis originally lived in north of river Kabol in remote antiquity, from where sections of them moved southwards in later times and settled in what is called Seva around Bolan Pass, which region was known as Sivistan till recently. Pāṇini also mentions a place called Sivapura which he includes in the Udichya (northern) division of Ancient India and which is identified by some scholars with Sibipura of the Shorkot Inscriptions edited by Vogel. The southerly movement of the Sivis is also evidenced from their other settlement called Usinara near Yamuna, ruled by Sivi king called Usinara.[31] Sivis also are attested to have one settlement in Sind, another one in Madhyamika (Tambavati Nagri) near Chittore (in Rajputana) and yet another one on the Dasa Kumara-chrita on the banks of the Kaveri in southern India (Karnataka/Tamil Nadu).’

Reference and Citation.

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  1. Woderful gathering of matters of importance of our ancient. God bless u for this great work. I am amased. Yet i feel many more to come from u.


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