Madurai Meenakshi Sarangadwaja Her Father Date 5100 CE ?

So ,as Malayadwaja Pandya alias Sarangadwaja Pandya had taken part in the Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata, then his and his daughter Meenakshi's date may be assigned at 5100 CE.

Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple,South Tower.iame

How Temple Deities Were Saved From Muslim Armies ,Kal Thirai, Stone Screen

On receiving information that invading armies of Muslim Rulers were proceeding towards a city, our ancestors built a stone wall infront of the Deity in the Sanctum, placed a duplicate Idol in front of the Stone Screen,

Freeing Temples Nonsense? Minister Sadhgurus Stand My Reply

Sample. During mensuration, where will Madurai Meenakshi be and what will she do? What about Theetu? On Sri Renganathar , Srirangam. ' When will the day come to blow you away with canon?

Lord Krishna Stayed At Madurai Yanaimalai?

Tamil Kings attended Nala Damayanthi Swayamvara, which had taken place before the Ramayana,Rama's wedding with Sita, Draupadi'Swayamvara in the Mahabharata, Tamil kings fought alongside the Pandavas in the Epic Battle of Mahabharata,Tamil King Cheralaathan fed both Kaurava and Pandava army during the Mahabharata war,He performed Tharpana for those who lost their Lives in the war, Arjuna, Sahadeva went ona Pilgrimage to South,Arjuna marred a Pandyan Princess and Lord Krishna was a special Invitee for the Tamil Sangam, He married a Pandyan Princess, had a daughter through her named Pandiah,had her married to a Pandyan Prince and gave away 100 Yadava Families as Gift f to her during her marriage.

And Balarama visited the South and worshiped Lord Murugan, ( Subrahmanya) at Valliyur, Durga at Kanya Kumari, and also worshiped Parashurama.