3 D Moving Siva Linga Painting Thiruvanaikka Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple

I have written on the presence of Siva Worship in the South of Vindhyas much earlier than the Vedas. Siva Avatar details are found in South in Thiruvilayadal purana.These Avatars had taken place in Madurai and the areas around it. One may mention that the name Madurai is from the earlier name Madurai Moodur. Moodur on Tamil means quite ancient.This is probably due to the fact that that there was Thenmadurai,which existed long time ago. It was the Capital of ancient Pandyas,which was, according to Tamil Sangam Classics was swallowed by a Tsunami,called first Tsunami.This city was the place where Siva presided over Tamil Poets’ Conclave,called First Tamil Sangam.’பாண்டிய மன்னர்கள் தொடக்கத்தில் கடல்கொண்ட தென்மதுரையைத் தலைநகராகக் கொண்டு ஆண்டனர். அங்கு, தமிழ் அறிஞர் பெருமக்களைக் கொண்டு தமிழ் இலக்கிய ஆய்வும், செய்யுள் இயற்றுதலும் நடைபெற்றன. அதுவே முதற் சங்கம் எனப்பட்டது.’ – Tamil Virtual University.

In Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, one can find A Three Dimension Siva Linga Painting on the roof that follows you.

Chola Kings are not to be left behind. One finds a similar 3D Siva Linga in Thiruvanaikka near Srirangam. This temple is one of the Panchabootha Sthalas. Here Siva is present as Water. You will find Siva Linga in water. This temple also has a unique practice of the Priest donning Saree , performing Siva Pooja at Noon daily.Early Chola ,Kochenganaan, built 100 Temples on the banks of Cauvery River,99 of them dedicated to Siva and one to Vishnu at Thirunariyoor .

3 D Siva linga at Thiruvanaikka.
3 D Siva linga at Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.
Shiva Linga Painting in the roof of Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.

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