Meenakshi Led Britisher By Hand His Grave Faces Her

In response to a Post I have written some time back ‘The Saint who spoke from the Grave’,I received a feedback from a Reader that Goddess

Meenakshi saved a British Collector from an accident of nature by leading him by her hand.

Meenakshi Madurai

Though I belong to Madurai as ancestral Home, I have not been  aware of it.

By searching I found the information that this story is true and Meenakshi led  , Collector Rous Peter (1786-1828)  of Madurai, by hand.

And as desired by Peter his grave was built ,in such a way, that his were facing Meenakshi temple!

Peter Pandian’

It is believed that Rous Peter respected and treated people of all faiths equally and this attitude towards the people earned him the popular name ‘Peter Pandian,’ says Ambai Manivannan, lecturer, Department of Tamil, Thiagarajar College .

B. Raja, Joint Commissioner Meenakshi Amman Temple, says that Rous Peter donated a set of golden stirrups studded with diamonds and red stones to the temple. He quotes R.C. Shenoy from the book “Madura” where there is a reference to the donation made by Rous Peter.

Similarly, in the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple’s ‘Sthala Varalaru,’ there is a reference to an interesting incident where Goddess Meenakshi is believed to have saved Rous Peter from a fatal incident.

Apparently Rous Peter had the habit of going around the temple before beginning his daily chore. As District Collector, he was in charge of the temple ’s administration too.

The story goes that one night when the city experienced lightning and thunder, a three-year-old girl appeared at his residence and dragged Rous Peter by his hand outside the house. Soon after, the building collapsed.

His last wish

 According to Mr.Manivannan, following the incident, Rous Peter donated golden stirrups to the temple. He also wished that after his death he should be buried in a position that enabled his eyes to face the temple.


Meenakshi led by Hand

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5 responses to “Meenakshi Led Britisher By Hand His Grave Faces Her”

  1. Though I am a native of Madurai, your authentication information is much imterested. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.


  2. It is quite interesting. No one can impose to practise faith in any God. It is the very individual has to experience and establish belief.


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