Oldest Temple Construction Dravida? History of Temple Construction 2

Pallavavaneswaram Temple,Tamil Nadu

However,the Puranas and Smritis refer to temple construction.

It may be noted that the Smritis do not have the same authority as Vedas.

Smritis are traditions being followed.

In case of conflict between Veda and Smritis,Vedas are the deciding authority.

Secret Underground Rooms Srirangam UFO Sealed Authentic Videos

Sri Rangam,the foremost Holy Shrine of Lord Vishnu is referred to in ancient Indian texts and it’s age is yet to determined and is point of debate. Will be writing in Detail on this The temple,with the Yogic Reclining Pose of Lord Vishnu is on the banks of River Cauvery in Tamil Nadu,India . The…… Continue reading Secret Underground Rooms Srirangam UFO Sealed Authentic Videos

Eyes Glow Real Lakshnikantha Andal Hedthale Temple 16 Faced Hall


Such is the greatness of Andal,one of the twelve Azhwars,and the only woman,she evokes proximity to Godhood easily.

Though there are Sannadhis, separate sanctum for Andal in most of the Divya Kshetras,very little is known about Andal sanctum at Lakshmikanthaswamy temple at Hedthale,near Nanjangudu,near Mysuru, Karnataka,India.