Kristhu Bhagvatham Christ Life Sanskrit, Beware Attempt At Legitimacy

Christu Bhagavatham book.

Unless we record that this work as an attempt at converting Hindus, by writing in Sanskrit, History in the not too distant future would record Kristhu Bhagavatham as the Nineteenth Purana or a Upa Puran.

I am recording this now here digitally that this Kristhu Kaavya is an attempt to seek legitimacy among Hindus to convert them.

In fact, this method of conversion is taking place now.

Jesus Suprabhatha in Sanskrit,Time To Register Protest

In fact, Thirupparnkundram,One of the six special abode of Murugan,Subrahmanya,is called as Sikhander Mountain by Muslim groups and the hill in Kashmir where Adi Shankaracharya meditated,has been called as Suleiman Hills by the Department of Archeology,India.

Time people recorded these frauds so that future generations are not presented with false History.

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Sri Vaidhya Veeraraghava Swamy Temple at Thiruvallur

The latter is an Attribute of Brahman, the Ultimate Reality.
As Saguna Brahman, Relative Reality, it evolves itself into the world of Names and Forms.
This is where we live in.
The other, beyond names and forms and some with names and forms exist, if one follows the Indian scriptures closely.