Kristhu Bhagvatham Christ Life Sanskrit, Beware Attempt At Legitimacy

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Indians must remember that their history was distorted under the name of Secularism and misinformation and disinformation about Hinduism was being promoted and is continuing even now.

Christianity and Islam believe in numbers.

They have different approaches.

Islam, the method of Sword.

Christianity is subtle while converting Hindus.


  • Offer inducement, cash, kinds and both,
  • Offer their services solicitiously at the time of personal grief or one is low financially or emotionally and exploit,
    Opening educational institutions and subtly inject Christianity,
  • Offer their solace at the time of bereavement in the family, they have groups watching obituary columns, wait for non Hindu deaths and send out letters- when my brother expired in August 2017 I received communication from a Christian group offering to come to our home to comfort us!
  • Another method is to seek legitimacy by claiming that Christ was predicted in Hindu Puranas, Christianity is a form of Hinduism,
  • Jesus was a Yogi,
  • Jesus learnt Yoga in Kashmir and the Tomb of Christ is in Kashmir,
  • Calling themselves Brahmins and convert Hindus,
  • Prepared Christ Suprabath and Christ Sahasranama.

I have refuted these in my articles and some of them can be found as related posts

I have noticed that Christians have published a Christ Bhagavatham on the lines of Indian Purana Bhagavatham.

Kristhu Bhagavatham is in Sanskrit with thirty three cantos following the Epic Grammar of Sanskrit Mahakavyas.

And many prominent Hindus have appreciated the effort, hardly realising that this piece can be quoted as authentic even to date Christ, by manipulating timeliness by some self styled researcher!

I have noticed that this piece is being spoken as a Mahakavyas and is gaining legitimacy.

Sahitya Academy has awarded this work..

Unless we record that this work as an attempt at converting Hindus, by writing in Sanskrit, History in the not too distant future would record Kristhu Bhagavatham as the Nineteenth Purana or a Upa Puran.

I am recording this now here digitally that this Kristhu Kaavya is an attempt to seek legitimacy among Hindus to convert them.

In fact, this method of conversion is taking place now.

Kristubhagavatam: A Mahakavya in Sanskrit based on the life of Jesus Christ (Sanskrit: क्रिस्तुभागवतम्; Kristubhāgavatam or Kristu-Bhāgavatam) is a Sanskrit epic poem on the life of Jesus Christcomposed by P. C. Devassia (1906–2006), a Sanskrit scholar and poet from Kerala, India. For composing the Kristubhagavatam, Devassia won several awards, including the Sahitya Akademi Award for Sanskrit (1980). Composed in 1976 and first published in 1977, the poem consists of 33 cantos and over 1600 verses. As a mahakavya, it represents the most prestigious genre of Sanskrit epic poetry, characterized by ornate and elaborate descriptions

On the one hand, Christ is a historical figure, and I must narrate his life objectively; on the other hand, a Sanskrit Mahakavya must conform to certain norms laid down by Sanskrit rhetoricians. These norms require free play of the imagination. This is often incompatible with objective narrative. I did not fancy the idea of translating the Bible into Sanskrit. I wanted my work to be really a Mahakavya, a literary piece, which anyone conversant with Sanskrit language should be able to read and enjoy. I have taken as my guide Fulton Oursler, who, in his “The Greatest Story Ever Told“, tells the story of Christ and fills in the details left out in the gospels by means of his fertile imagination.


Look how he imitates Valmiki in prologue?


In his foreword, V. Raghavan wrote that the first efforts of the Christian missionaries to produce Christian literature in Sanskrit resulted in “translations of the Bible, which were all miserable.”:ii In contrast the Kristubhagavatam is the first major Sanskrit poem on the “whole life of Christ,” and Devassia “follows all the norms and practices of the Mahakavya, but does not indulge in too many figures or descriptions…. The style is simple and clear, endowed as it is with the Gunas of ‘Prasada‘ and ‘Saukumarya.’[3]:2[8]Furthermore,

Not only the incidents, the miracles, etc. are faithfully given, but also the famous sayings of Christ… are incorporated in appropriate terms. [There is also] inclusion of apt analogies and comparisons with personalities and situations in the two Sanskrit Epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, as also in the Puranas, and occasionally with some well-known happenings in modern India, like the killing of Gandhiji…. No effort is spent to make the poem over-coloured or loaded with displays of learning or skill: it is always simple and straightforward, in the much valued ‘Vaidarbhi’


Raghavan added that in Devassia’s state of Kerala, “where Sanskrit and Malayalam have blended into a homogeneous amalagam, the community of Sanskritists is a commonwealth of Hindus, Christians and Muslims…. one finds here an Indian approach and an Indian presentation of the life of Christ


the sonority of Sanskrit gives a fresh morning splendour and resonance to Jesus’ divine ministry. Mary held Joseph’s hand as Arundhati did Vasishtha’s; Just as Vasudevahid his son Krishna in Nanda’s house, so did Joseph take Jesus to Egypt for his safety; Lazarus’ sisters embraced him as he emerged out of his tomb, even as Devayani embraced Kacha as he revived after death…. in betraying Jesus with a kiss, wasn’t Judasanticipating Godse who was to kill the Mahatma after first saluting him? The similes come naturally, and rather bring out the basic unity of texture that binds all human history

In summary, K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar concluded that the Kristubhagavatam is…

…a double demonstration, firstly that Sanskrit is by no means a ‘dead language’ but is very much and gloriously alive; and secondly, that Jesus is not the Christians’ Messiah alone, but one of the pathfinders, one of the redeemers, of humanity as a whole. His message of Love has a permanent and potent significance for all mankind.

How gullible these people who have heaped encomiums on a piece meant to destroy your religion?

One’s finger blinding one’s own eye!

Reference and Citation.

2 responses to “Kristhu Bhagvatham Christ Life Sanskrit, Beware Attempt At Legitimacy”

  1. Shame on those scholars who gave their foreword to this book. Secondly shame on Sahitya Academy to approve it as Mahakaavya and recognizing. Definitely it is an attempt to convert more Hindus into Christianity, what else?


  2. अत्र जालपुटे संस्कृत-पाठ्य-पुस्तकस्य (कक्ष्या 6 तः 12 पर्यन्तम्) सर्वेषां पाठानाम् आलेख-पीपीटी-श्रव्य-दृश्यश्रव्यरूपेण अनुशिक्षणसामग्री उपलब्धा अस्ति । संस्कृतगीतानां श्रव्यरूपं चलचित्ररूपं च अपि उपलब्धम् अस्ति । भवन्तः जालपुटमाध्यमेन मोबाईल-एप-माध्यमेन च सर्वं पठितुं शक्नुवन्ति । अधः अस्माकं जालपुट-संकेतः प्रदत्तः अस्ति । जालपुट-संकेत-द्वारा भवन्तः अस्माकं सोशल-मीडिया-संसाधन-माध्यमेन (facebook/twitter/whatsapp etc.) संस्कृतक्षेत्रेण सम्बद्धं सर्वविधान् विषयान् / सूचनाः वा ज्ञातुं शक्नुवन्ति । वयं यथासामर्थ्यं भवतां साहाय्यं करिष्यामः ।
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