Vaidika Brahmins Andhra Details. Sringeri Acharyas

This article is in continuation of my articles on Brahmins of Andhra.

Among the major Brahmin Groups of Andhra are Mulukkanadu, Niyogi.

I have written on Mulukkanadu Brahmins as Brahmins who had come into Gaya, Bihar and Andhra at the instance of Samba, one of the sons of Lord Krishna, from Multan, ( originally called Kasyapapura),

And the Niyogi Brahmins as those who took to other vocations like literature, music, in addition to or in lieu of Priestley duties.

There are two more Brahmin sects of Andhra Brahmins.

Vaidika Brahmins and

Aaruvelu Brahmins.

Vaidika Brahmins are those Brahmins who dedicated themselves only to the study and practice of Vedas.

Sringeri Shankaracharya, His Holiness Sri. Abhivava Vidyatheertha, my Guru belongs to the Vaidika Brahmin sect.

Vaidiki Brahmins (Vaidika, Vaidikulu, Vaideeki) are a sect of Telugu-speaking Smartha Brahmins. They are predominantly followers of Adi Shankaracharya and are mostly found in Andhra Pradesh. The name derives from Vedas.

Some great personalities of Vaidika Brahmin sect.

‘ Syama Sastri Carnatic Classical composer, one of the Musical Trinity.

  • Sri pad SriVallabha , according to GuruCharitra, he is the first avatar (incarnation) of the deity Shri Dattatreya in Kali Yuga
  • Vallabha Acharya – founded Shri Vallabha Sampradayam, now prevalent in Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Rajasthan and Gujarat
  • Ganapati Sachchidananda – head of Avadhoota Datta Peetham in Mysore
  • Ekkirala Bharadwaja – also known as “Master Gaaru”, he popularised ‘Sai Baba Sampradayam’ in Andhra Pradesh
  • Chittamuru Ramaiah – follower of Theosophy
  • Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry
  • Ushasri(Puranapanda Deekshitulu)
  • Sribhashyam Appalacharyulu
  • Garikapati Narasimha Rao
  • Sri Bharati Tirtha – 36th and current Jagadguru of Sringeri Sharada Peetham
  • Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha- 35th Jagadguru of Sringeri Sharada Peetham
  • Chandrashekhara Bharati III – 34th Jagadguru of Sringeri Sharada Peetham
  • Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava Narasimha Bharathi – 33rd Jagadguru of Sringeri Sharada Peetham

Reference and Citation.

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