Brahmins Neither Masters Nor Servants, First In Dignity Greek Historian Diodorous 1 BC

My answer to this is that if Brahmins wanted power, Sage Vasishta could have assumed power when Lord Rama was banished to Forest and his brother Bharatha was unwilling to assume charge,

Chanakya, Kautilya did not usurp power from Chandragupta, who would have willingly given

Brahmins Who Accepted Dakshina From Rama Sanadh Brahmins. Saryupareen Of River Saryu

We spend so much for movies and entertainment.

Now to the issue on hand.

There is a group of Brahmins who accepted Dakshina from Lord Rama.

They were the priests who welcomed Lord Rama when he returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravana.