Brahmins Who Accepted Dakshina From Rama Sanadh Brahmins. Saryupareen Of River Saryu

About a year back one reader asked me that he was informed by his grandfather that they were the priests of Lord Rama and whether I could provide more information on this.

As far as I knew Vasishta was Ikshvaku Dynasty Guru and there was Viswamitra who took Rama and Lakshmana and initiated the Bala and Adi Bala Mantras.


However I told him that I would check and provide when I get the information.

This is it.

Brahmin is one who has realized the Reality, Brahman.

He is selfless and dedicated to the welfare of others.

This sloka tells us who a Brahmin is.

“Adhyaapanam Adhyayanam
Yajanam Yaajanam Tathaa
Daanam Pratigraham Chaiva

Adyayanam-Pracctice of reciting the Vedas, with meaning.

Adhyaapnan-Teaching of the Vedas along with the Astras(scientific Arms) and Satras(Ordinary weapons of war)

Yajanam-performance of the Yagnas and Yagas.

Here there is a small difference between a Yagna and Yaaga.

While a Yaaga is performed with a specific wish to be fulfilled, as a Puthra Kameshti for begetting a Good offspring, Yajna is performed expecting no results, performed because it has to be performed as sanctioned by the Vedas.


Dakshina is an offering made by the receiver to Brahmins and they are expected to be contented with what is offered.

With changed economic and social structure this is not in practice and we have Brahmins who demand Dakshina.

Many are disappointed with this attitude.

My view is that what they do now is not correct for Brahmin.

However, if people do not provide them economic security, which was provided in earlier days right from King’s to common Man, how would a Brahmin live?

Worse still why would they let their children become the torch bearers of the Vedas?

So we see Brahmins taking up all professions, including me, fo economic security.

My submission is that we offer fair Dakshina to Brahmins to help them economically secure so that our Culture thrives.

We spend so much for movies and entertainment.

Now to the issue on hand.

There is a group of Brahmins who accepted Dakshina from Lord Rama.

They were the priests who welcomed Lord Rama when he returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravana.

They are Sanadh Brahmins.

Just as there are Brahmins whose origins are associated with Rama, such as the Saryuparins that came into being when Rama reached Ayodhya after slaying Ravana, and the Sanadhs, who recall their acceptance of dakshina from Ramchandra on the victory over Ravana, there are also Brahmins that are associated in origin from Ravana, and these include the Daves (of Mudgal gotra) of Rajasthan, as well as Gujarat’s Sachoras, the Kanyakubjas of Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, and the Brahmins of the Kaumara sub-gotra of the Vasistha gotra


‘Sanadya Brahmin or Sanadh Brahmin, or Sanah Brahmin or Sanidya Brahmin are a community of Brahmins. Their main concentration is in Western Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh area of India.’ wiki.

The Hindi poet Keshavdas was a Sanadhya, and praised his community in his Ramachandran.

Saryupareen Brahmins.

Saryupareen Brahmins , also known as Sarvarya Brahmins or Saryupariya Brahmins, are North Indian Brahmins residing on the eastern plain of the Sarayu near Ayodhya. Saryupareen families such as the Chaturvedi, Tripathi, Tiwari, Trivedi, Dwivedi, Pandey, Mishra,Shukla, and Dikshit were involved solely in the research and analysis of Vedas and other religious texts, performing yajnas and other religious practices. These families did not perform ‘pujas for benefactors and did not take dakshinas or donations against such prayers. Hence they were considered to be solely devoted to the quest of learning about the Vedas and spreading knowledge rather than benefiting in any way through benefactors. Along with the other Pancha-Gauda Brahmin communities, the Saryupareen traditionally preserve the customs and traditions as prescribed by ancient Hindu canons.
In the 19th (held at Prayag) and 20th (held at Lucknow) national convention of Kanyakubja Brahmins by Kanyakubja Mahati Sabha, in 1926 and 1927 respectively, it appealed for unity among Kanyakubja Brahmins whose different branches included Sanadhya, Pahadi, Jujhoutia, Saryupareen,Chattisgarhi, Bhumihar Brahmins and different Bengali Brahmins.
The Saryupareen generally dwell in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh with a significant amount of them concentrated in the eastern region of Uttar Pradesh known as Purvanchal. There are also minority Saryupareen communities in Mauritius, where Bhojpuri is a commonly spoken language and the Caribbean.


“Kanyakubj Vanshavali” mentions five branches of Kanyakubja Brahmins as Saryupareen, Sanadhya, Bhumihar, Jujhautiya and Prakrit Kanaujia:
Saryupari Sanadhyashcha Bhumiharo Jijhoutayah
Prakritashcha Iti Panchabhedastasya Prakartitah
These Brahmins are divided into 26 categories
Gautama, Sandilya,Vashista, Parashara,Kaundinya,Garga, Udbahu, Upamanyu, Maunas, Kanva, Vartantu, Bhrigu, Agastya, Kaumasya,Galava, Kasyapa, Kaushika, Bhargava, Savarnaya, Atri, Katyayana, Angiras, Vatsa, Sankritya Jamadagni, Punah. Other than above gotras 1. Krishanatraya, 2. Ghritakausika, 3. Margeya are called mishrit (combined) gotra. However, 261 gotras are mentioned in some source.

Reference and Citation.

2 responses to “Brahmins Who Accepted Dakshina From Rama Sanadh Brahmins. Saryupareen Of River Saryu”

  1. The worst Article on Saryuparin Brahmins. I’m myself a saryuparin brahmin and researched a lot on Saryuparin History and Origin. We are not Kanyakubja Brahmins. It’s just a geographical classification for the brahmins who reside in the area. Saryuparin brahmins do not eat the food cooked by a Kankyakubja. Also the Saryuparin Brahmins never went to eat the Brahmhatya Bhoj organised by Lord Rama, Kanyakubjas did that. According to Valmiki Ramayan, Bhardwaj and Vamali rishi were among the brahmins who went there and Gotras of these brahmins aren’t found in Saryuparin Brahmins so how could you use such idiotic title? Such a big mistake you have did ! Quoting about Saryuparins from a Kanyakubja Vanshavali gives me Goosebumps. Lmao


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