First Tribes Dynasties of The World Solar Lunar Origin Details

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When one reads History one has to take facts as they are, bearing in mind the geographical differences between then and now, the conditions existing during the period of study.

Unfortunately in India both seem to be at a premium.

People while reading Indian history were and still are dependent on foreign sources with agenda.

Most of the history taught in India is dis/misinformation by the rulers for over five hundred years.

This includes the Mughals and the British.

The Mughals had to keep their religion and empire intact and hence taught what was in their interests.

The Britishers had the same approach.

They went two steps further.

They first divided people based on Religion.

And introduced English. And they had psudeo researchers like Max Mueller to infiltrate Hinduism to make Indians lose respect for their texts.

Some of these Missionaries outwardly Embraced Hinduism and propagated Christianity.

People like Veeramamunivar in Tamil.

The nett result is Indians do not refer Indian texts and even if they do, they do so through English!

So Indian history looks to be confused and looks like fables.

But if one were to study Indian texts diligently with the approach that there was no south, north divide, nor was a linguistic chavunism.

And the land mass of Ancient times was different.

With this, let us look at Indian history.

The first major world war in indiay, called ten Kings war, Dadarjaniya war between two warring groups.

Essentially there were two major tribes or groups in India.

IT is worth remembering that the first Human being was Manuywho belonged to the southern hemisphere, called Dravida டிச.

The term Man is from Manu.

Manu had sons and a daughter.

When a Tsunami struck South, he, along with his son left for Ayodhya.

His son Ikshvaku founded the Surya Vamsa, Solar dynasty.

His daughter, Ila, who was left behind in South, here south meaning from the Saraswathi valley to the present south india, running through the coast of Arabian sea, which was not called thus then.

She married Chandra and had a son Budha.

Then came Puru.

This is the Lunar Dynasty, Chandra Vamsa.

All dynasties of India can be traced back to these two dynasties including the Tamil Kings Chera, Chola and Pandyas.

Please read my articles on Solar, Lunar and Tamil dynasties.

There were sub dynasties like Yadu, Thurvasa.

Some of these migrated outside Bharata kanda and settled around the world.

Hence we find remains of Hinduism everywhere in the world.

India’s name Bharat or Bharat-Varsh is named after a descendant of the Puru dynasty King Bharat.

There were two main Vedic cultures in ancient India. The first was a northern kingdom centered on the Sarasvati-Drishadvati river region dominated by the Purus and the Ikshvakus. The second was a southern culture along the coast of the Arabian Sea and into the Vindhya Mountains, dominated by the Turvashas and Yadus and extending into groups yet further south. These northern and southern groups vied for supremacy and influenced each other in various ways as the Vedas and Puranas indicate. The northern or Bharata culture ultimately prevailed, making India the land of Bharata or Bharatavarsha and its main ancient literary record the Vedas, though militarily the Yadus remained strong throughout history….. ‘

According to Puranic legend the Chandravanshi lineage is:
Brahma -> Atri -> Chandra -> Budha (married to Manu’s daughterIla) -> Pururava -> Ayu -> Nahusha -> Yayati -> Puru andYadu

King Yayati’s elder son Yadu had officially lost the title to govern by his father’s command since he had refused to exchange his youth with his father. Thereby, he could not have carried on the same dynasty, called Somvanshi. Consequently, the generations of King Puru, Paurav or Puruvanshi were the only one to be known as Somvansa.

Yayati divided up his kingdom into five quarters (VP IV.10.1708). To Turvasha he gave the southeast (Bay of Bengal); to Druhya the west Gandhara; to Yadu the south (By Arabian sea); to Anu the north Punjab; and to Puru the center (Sarasvati region) as the supreme king of Earth’

Luna dynasty (also known as Somavansha, Chandravansha and as Ailas) is one of the four principal houses of the Kshatriya varna, or warrior–ruling caste.This legendary dynasty was descended from the moon (Soma or Chandra), ,

According to the Mahabharata, the dynasty’s progenitor Ilaruled from Prayag, while his son Shashabindu ruled in the country of Bahli.

The great sage Vishvamitra the son of king Gadhi of Kanyakubja dynasty was a descendant of Amavasu, the son of Pururava of Chandravansha clan.

Ila’s descendants, the Ailas (also known as Chandravansha), were a dynasty of kings of ancient India. Pururavas, the son of Budha was the founder of this dynasty.

Reference and Citations.

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