Will Bring Up New Indian National Literature For India for 200 Pounds Max Mueller

You have so thoroughly adopted the English disguise that it will not be easy for any one to suspect you of having written this ‘curious article.’ It especially delights me to see how ingeniously you contrive to say what you announce you do not wish to discuss, i.e. the purport of the theology. In short, we are all of opinion

Chola Emblem Tiger found in Flags Rings

History of Tamil Chozha Kings List From 5100 CE Karikal Valavan

Udhiyan Cheralaathan date based on Mahabharata reference about his presence in the War, is around 5600 BC. Karikalan defeated him  at Battle of Venni. Therefore, Karikal Chozhan was a contemporary of Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan. Karikal Chola' s date ,therefy, is around 5600 BC.

Jamboodweepa Is Navalan Theevu Sangam Literature Confirms Geography

So Tamil land was different from Aryavartha.Aryavatha was called Navalan Theevu,Jaboodweepa.These two were separated by Vindhya and Satpura mountains.South of it lay the Northern boundary of Tamils. Tamil Literature asserts this.And Northern territory was surrounded by oceans.

Weapons used by Maratha Soldiers

Marathas Ancestors Kings, Maharattirar Of Kolhapur Sangam Literature

The ancestors of Marathas were spread in Dravida Desa,in Three Great Tamil Kings' armies as Special Protection Forces, called Kaikkolars,Suicide Squad to protect Kings ( Rajaraja Chola's Kaikkolars Unit was famous).They were also spread in Konkan,Tulu, Coimbatore area Orissa,Andhra( near Tirupat

Pandyan Nedunchezhiyan Defeated Chandra Gupta Maurya 300 BC Madurai

The Mauryan forces ,along with Kosars,entered the area through Mangalore  Pass with their Chariot Forces and they used the Vadugas ( who are ruling areas near Tirupati).