Two Tamil Empires In India Northwest, South India? Missing History

I have written articles in detail about the Kings of India, as listed in the Puranas and other Sanskrit texts of India.

Kings List of India by Puranas Vaidated

I have also listed the Kings List of Tamil from 400 BC 


Lord Krishna married a Pandyan Princess and had a daughter whom he married her off to a Pandyan Prince.

Arjuna married a Pandyan Princess from Manalur Tamil Nadu and had a son.

Tamil Chera King Perunchotru Udiyan Neduncheralathan fed both Pandava and Kaurava army during the Mahabharata Battle..

Sahadeva and Balarama  were on a Pilgrimage to South and Balarama worshiped Lord Subrahmanya in Tamil Nadu.

Parashurama established the present Kerala.

One issue intrigued me.

We had the Mahabharata War, there was a deluge later and Dwaraka was submerged.

Sage Agastya took families from Dwaraka and had them settled in what is now Karnataka and those who had settled in Tamil Nadu were called ‘Velirs’ and they had small Kingdoms in places like what is now called Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri.They took sides between the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas depending on the exigencies.

Kanndigas from Yadava Tribe

This would imply, at the time of the Tsunami which devoured Dwaraka, these people were moved by Agastya to South.

The same Tsunami, called as ‘kadalkol’ in Tamil devoured the South as well.

This Tsunami, incidentally is the third to strike the South, according to Tamil Literature and this is validated by foreign Flood legends and archaeology..

Now the issue is if people were moved from Dwaraka and settled in Tamil Nadu, it should have been after the Tsunami died down.

Then what happened to the Tamils living in the south during the period just before the Tsunami?

Where did they go?

The references to Tamil kings are found in the Ramayana which mention them as belonging to earlier period than Rama.

To be specific Tamil Kings were present in Damayanti Swayamvara.

There is Nala Theertha, a sacred pond where people take bath to be rid of Saturn, Shani’s influence, like Sade Saathi,seven and a half years.

The pond is in Thirunallar, Pondicherry and is famous for Shani temple.

Shiva worship preceded  in south even  before Vedic Period.

While Subrahmanya and  Shiva merit only a limited mention in the Vedas, they are the principle Deities in the Dravida Desa.

And there was a Tamil Kingdom, Elamite, now the term has become corrupted to be Elam.

The Elamite people lived around the present Iran and spoke a Language which has been traced to Tamil.

And some tribes in Iran speak this language which resembles Tamil even today!

The Tamils were referred to as Dramila in Vedic texts.

The Mediterranean Peoples (Dravidians)

(Extracts from ‘The Original Indians — An Enquiry’ by Dr. A. Desai)

How the Mediterranean people came to be called Dravidians makes interesting story. The Pre-Hellenistic Lycians of Asi Minor, who where probably the Mediterranean stock called themselves Trimmili. Another tribe of this branch in the island of Crete was known by the name Dr(a)mil or Dr(a)miz. In ancient Sanskrit writings we find the terms Dramili and Dravidi, and then Dravida which referred to the southern portion of India.

South India was known to the ancient Greek and Roman geographers as Damirica or Limurike. Periplus Maris Erithroei (Periplus of the Eritrean Sea) in the second or third century AD described the maritime route followed by Greek ships sailing to the South Indian ports: “Then follow Naoura and Tundis, the first marts of Limurike and after these Mouziris and Nelkunda, the seats of government.â€

Dramila, Dravida and Damirica indicated the territory. Then it was applied to the people living in the territory and the language they spoke, in the local parlance Tamil and Tamil Nadu or Tamilakam.’

Later texts speak of them as Dravida?

Sibi ruled from Pakistan

Not to forget the fact that Vaivaswatha Manu , ancestor of Rama lived in the south and moved to Ayodhya after the Tsunami.Please read my article   on this.

Is there a subtle message here?


This accounts for the missing chapters in Tamil and  Bharatvarsha History and this would reconcile the seeming inconsistencies in Indian History.

Detailed article follows



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