How Tamil Kings Are Named Identified Epigraphs Inscriptions

In the case of Epigraphs and Inscriptions  , method is followed by the Kings is to record their names and also identify their Dynasty by their Titles, like Parakesari,Valavan,Sembiyan... in the case of Cholas; மாறவர்மன்(Maravarman), சடய வர்மன்(Satayavarman) got Pandyas; வானவரம்பன்(Vaana varambhan) ,இமய வரம்பன்( Imayavaramban) in the case of Chera.

Four Pandya Kings Of Ramayana Names Date

Chola Muchukunda was an ancestor of Rama.We have references to Chera and Pandyas in Ramayana.We shall now attempt to trace the Pandya Kings who were present before Mahabharata , because we have traced Tamil Kings after the Kurukshetra battle of Mahabharata

Tamil In Nepal Bhutan East Central India Balochistan Afghanistan Evidence

It is customary for the Kings to record information in both Prakrit/ Sanskrit and Tamil in Epigraphs.Tamil is found in northwestern province in Pakistan and Balochistan.Chola Emperor Sibi ruled from Sibi in North West province.It

Religious Grants By Tamil Kings Seven Types

Tamil Kings, not only built innumerable Temples, but were very generous in offering Grants to Temples,Jain /Buddhist Monasteries,Brahmins. These are called as Irayili in Tamil. இறையிலி.

Pandyas Chandra Vamsa Royal Emblem Fish By Pururavas

Pururavas introduced the dynasty's emblem - a pair of fish, and shared his throne and taxes with Indra.