Chola Satyavrata Conquered Kasiraja Varanasi

Rikviks For Homa Who Are They, Qualification Details Forgotten Culture History of India

Those who have followed the procedures in Homas,Sacrificial šŸ”„ Fires Ceremonies conducted would have noticed terms like Acharya,Hotar and Rikvik.While people can identify Acharya, not many people know about Ritvik. Ritvik The Vedic priest who officiates Vedic sacrifices or rituals known asĀ YajnasĀ is known as Ritvik . Qualification as below. Qualification Well-versed in the Vedas. Should have gained his knowledge the guru, in the guru-shishya tradition of learning. Of good lineage. He should have been leading a pure life. Types of Rikviks Hotar representing theĀ Rig Veda Adhvarya representing theĀ Yajur Veda Udgatar representing theĀ Sama Veda Brahma representing theĀ Atharva Veda Each one of these Ritviks has three assistants . Details. Hotar ā€“ Maitravaruna, Acchavaka, Gravastut Adhvaryu ā€“ Pratiprasthata, Neshta, Unneta Udgatar ā€“ Prastota, Pratiharta, Subrahmanya Brahma ā€“ Brahmanachamsi, Agnidhra, Pota — Send in a voice message:
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