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Cholas from Chandra Vamsa Lunar Dynasty as Well

Turvasu was the fifteenth king in Chandra Vamsa.Thurvasu  of Lunar Dynasty was a contemporary of Dundhumara of Solar Dynasty

Chera Chola Pandyas From Turvasu Ikshvaku Dynasty

One finds that the Tamil Kings have descended from Turvasu ,second son of Yayati.The land alloted to them was what is now Bay of Bengal. This also tallies with Lemuria,the Land of Tamils.

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Chola Kings List Treta Yuga Ikshvaku Tamil Copper Plates Evidence

Tamil kings participated in Damayanthi,Sita, Draupadi Swayamvara;Vedas mention spices ,Elephant tusk, honey and kings from the South;Krishna married a Pandyan princess,had a daughter; Balarama visited South to have darshan of Lord Muruga, Madurai Meenakshi's father took part in Mahabharata war;Perunchotru Udiyan Cheralaathan,A Chera King fed the Armies that took part in Mahabharata battle...