Chozhas Were In North , permanently Settled in South In Dwapara Yug?

In my earlier articles, I had explored the references to Chozhas in Sanskrit literature, Ramayana, Mahabharata and the references to Kings mentioned in Chozha inscriptions in Thiruvalankadu Copperplates of Chozhas. Chozhas,as in anywhere else where they recorded, mention in these Copperplates that they are the descendants of Suryavansh, Ikshvaku Dynasty and they list the names. These names agree with the list provided Puran,( some discrepancies are found and they are very minimal; I had written on this point .).

History of South Indian Kings ,List Verified Dates From 5100 CE

As one can see in the excerpts provided below , one may find that Uparichara was a king in Dwapara Yug , Cholavarman, grandson of Dushyant and son of Bharat ,was the first Chozha King.And his grandson Perunarkilli was the first King in Kaliyug.

Now comes intriguing part. Cholas are reported to have ruled in South. Yet we find that Muchukunda Chozha and Sibi having been present in the North of Vindhyas. Sibi is reported to have built the Pundarikaksha Temple at Thiruvellarai near Sri Rangam in Tamil Nadu.Again we find Muchukunda Chozha is referred to in Ramayana and he is reported to have lived in present Hyderabad India.He helped Krishna, who lived in Dwapara Yug, kill Kala Yavan, who was a Greek!

From the genealogy it transpires that the Earliest Chozha kings seem to have been present in the North of Vindhyas , annexed and ruled the areas of South. Sibi is referred to as Sivi in the North and he ruled from there.

The Cholas seem to have settled in South permanently after Dwapara Yuga and their hold in the North seem to have waned.

It was King Chitradhanvan, of Ikshvaku) Chola Dynasty. Chitradhanvan’ s great grandson was the last King in Treta Yuga.’His son was Narendrapati who became king at the end of the Treta age.  His son was king Vasu entitled Uparichara on account of his having received a celestial car from Indra by which he moved about in all directions (v. 39).

One must remember that Cholas belong to Ikshvaku .Ramanisblog

  • Vikukshi
  • Puranjaya
  • Kakutstha
  • Kakshivat
  • Aryaman
  • Analapratapa
  • Vena
  • Prithu
  • Dhundhumara
  • Yuvanasva
  • Mandhata
  • Muchukunda
  • Valabha
  • Prithulaksha
  • Parthivachudamani
  • Dirghabahu
  • Chandrajit
  • Sankriti
  • Panchapa
  • Satyavrata
  • Rudrajit
  • Sibi
  • Marutta
  • Dushyanta
  • Bharata
  • Cholavarman
  • Rajakesarivarman
  • Chitraratha
  • Chitrasva
  • Chitradhanvan
  • Suraguru (Mrityujit)
  • Chitraratha
  • Vyaghraketu
  • Narendrapati
  • Vasu (Uparichara)
  • Visvajit
  • Perunatkilli
  • Karikala
  • Kochchengannan…

Muchukunda is mentioned in The Epics Manimekkalai, a Jain work,Silappadhikaram,Jain work,Kaligathupparani and in more post Sangam era literature.They record that Muchukunda Chozha helped Indra and as a token of gratitude Indra provided him with a Guardian Goblin( Booth) to protect Poompuhar Chozha city. It was called Naalangaadi Bootham, நாளங்காடி பூதம்.

  • நாளங்காடிப் பூதம்
  • இந்திரன் முசுகுந்தனுக்கு மெய்க்காவலாகுமாறு வலிய பூதம் ஒன்றை அனுப்பினான். அது பூம்புகார் நகரம் சென்று, மருவூர்ப்பாக்கம், பட்டினப்பாக்கம் என்ற இரு பகுதிகட்கும் இருந்த நாள் அங்காடியில் (பகற்காலக் கடைத் தெரு) இருந்து, தன் பணியைச் செய்து வந்தது.[1] அப்பூதம், புகார் நகரில் இந்திர விழாச் செய்யப்படா தொழியின் வெகுண்டு துன்பம் விளைவிக்கும் என்பது மணிமேகலை காலத்து மக்கள் கொண்டிருந்த நம்பிக்கையாகும்.[2] இவனைக் குறிக்கும் தமிழ் நூல்கள் முசுகுந்தன் சிலப்பதிகாரம், மணிமேகலை, கலிங்கத்துப்பரணி, கந்தபுராணம், ஒரு துறைக்கோவை முதலியவற்றில் குறிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளான்.


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