Actor Donald Sutherlands Out of Body Experience

People generally avoid talking about death and many deny the fact that they are afraid of death as though it is beneath one to be afraid of it.Death is certain once we are born and our conscious mind avoids the topic of death as far as possible. However, it creeps in.

We were in Yugoslavia and there were no antibiotics. My temperature was so high that I lapsed into a strange coma and had an out-of-body experience. I saw a tunnel in a pearlescent blue colour. I wanted to go through it, but I had the contrary sensation of desperately trying to stop myself.

There is a school of thought which declared that philosophy is born out of fear of death. Well, that is also one of the reasons. The quest for immortality is present in Humans. Also the urge to explore and enquire. What happens just before death, at the time of death and of course after death. After I wrote an article on Life after death, one reader called up and told me she enjoyed the article and wanted to know if I can be 100 % sure of my views on Life after death. I replied that to answer that honestly, I should die first and more importantly I should be able to communicate after my death and she should be able to receive it.

That’s how it is about things beyond us. At times like these one examines the tools of Knowledge.Hinduism has Perception, Inference , Testimony Comparison, Intuition.Some accept all,yet some only Some.Vedas or Sruthi comes under Sabda praman, Testimony.

One should experience life. Life is not lived by Mind but by heart and emotions. So experience plays an important part in Life.

There are volumes upon volumes of testimony from all cultures, geographical areas,countries, from people of different races and languages on Near Experience to Death.

Most describe that they saw their own body lying in state and we’re in a position to see and listen in to what is being spoken and what was being done to their own Body while they watched. I had written on This and also on the death rites of Hinduism that relate to these issues. People reported that they felt warmth, surrounded by Bluish Light and felt extremely happy.This is common vto all Out Of Body Experience,O.B.E.

Out of Body Experience.

I am providing here below the OBE narrated by popular Canadian actor Donald Sutherland.

“It was soft, warm and I was the most relaxed I’ve ever been. I somehow found myself looking down on my own body, stretched out like a shell. At first I couldn’t get my brain to order anything to move, but I was determined not to die.

“I was clinically dead for only moments, but I felt like I’d travelled for an eternity.”.

Out of Body Experience.

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