Sixteen Emperors of India Mahabharata List Chola Among Them

History of ancient India is very interesting and it would need patience and perseverance to go through the volumes upon volumes left by our ancestors in the form of Puran, Ithihasa and Sthala Puran. Added to this are the texts in Regional languages of India,like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali.Then there are temple Epigraphs.Despite all this, people say India did not historical records!

Though many dynasties had been in India,two dynasties,Surya, Solar and Chandra,Lunar Dynasties are the ones from which all others have sprung .This includes Ancient Tamil Kings Chola,Andhra Kings.

The Chola Emperor mentioned as one of the sixteen, Shodasa,is Sibi also called as Usunira Vasu.

Screen shot of the Book Ancient Historical Traditions by Pargiter.

The first major war was fought in India. ( Ref.

First Emperors were also from India. Mahabharat gives a list of sixteen( Shodasa) Chakravarthins.

‘When the Rajasuya Yagya was conducted by Yudhishthira, rishi Vaishampayana described to him a list of 16 Samrats who had lived before the Mahabharata era. The list occurs in Mbh (12.29) and is called Shodasha Rajika or a list of 16 kings.

  • Marutta Avikshita ( Suryavanshi and Vaishali kingdom)
  • Suhotra Atithina    ( Chandravanshi, Puru (Bharatvansh) and Kurujangala kingdom)
  • Brihadratha Anga  ( Chandravanshi and Anga kingdom)
  • Shivi Aushinara     ( Chandravanshi, Anu and Shivi kingdom)
  • Bharata Daushyanti ( Chandravanshi, Puru and Kurujangala kingdom)
  • Ram Dasharathi     ( Suryavanshi and Ayodhya or Kosala kingdom)
  • Bhagiratha Dileepa (Suryavanshi and Ayodhya or Kosala kingdom)
  • Dileepa Khatvanga ( Suryavanshi and Ayodhya or Kosala kingdom)
  • Mandhata Yauvanashva ( Suryavanshi and Ayodhya or Kosala kingdom)
  • Yayati Nahusha      ( Chandravanshi and ruled Puru+Anu+Yadava+Turvasu+Druhyu kingdom)
  • Ambarisha Nabhagi  ( Suryavanshi and Ayodhya or Kosala kingdom)
  • Shashabindu Chaitrarathi ( Chandravanshi, Yadava and Yadava kingdom)
  • Rantideva Sankruti  ( Chandravanshi and Charmanvati (Chambal) kingdom)
  • Prithu Vainya          ( Older than the formation of Suryavansha and Chandravansha)
  • Ancient Indian historical tradition

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