Sibi Chozha Surya,Chandra Yadu Vamsa? Research

he could have belonged to Ikshavaaku, Chandravansh or Yadava Dynasty as the latter sprang from the Ikshvaaku Dynasty, Suryavansh/Solar Dynasty.

King Sibi Manu Neeedhi Chola Sanatana Dharma

Of King Sibi and Manu Needhi Chola.

King Sibi cut his own flesh to for a hawk to save a dove.

Many Needhi Cholan ran his son over for rendering Justice to a Cow.

Cholas carry the name Chembian, Tamil version of Sibi.

Sibi is dated between c 100 C.E. to c. 1250 C.E.

Manu Needhi Cholan was also called Ellala’,one who ruled the Boundary’

He is reported to have expanded the Koneswaram Temple in Sr Lanka.

Sibi Story of Mahabharata In Japan

As the Dove was the natural food for the Falcon, it demanded that it be given its food.

To keep up his word and driven by compassion Sibi cut a portion of thigh equivalent to the weight of the Dove.

The scale tilted towards the Dove.

King Sibi continued to cut away portions of his body, to match the weight of the Dove.

As it was not possible, he sat on the scale himself.

How To Perform Tulabharam.

The procedure.

1The parents of the child must fast on the day of the Tulabharam.

2.Perform pooja for Graha Devatas, Family Deity and Personal Deity.

3.Have a Yagashala prepared, perform Yaga for Ganapathy, Subrahmanya and Siva.

4.Also perform the Yaga for the Deity to whom the Tulabharam is offered.

5.Then the child should be weighed in a Balance and the offering , equal to the weight of the child,is to be submitted to the Lord.