Muchukunda Chozha Ruled From North Western India with Mandhata

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In my earlier articles I wrote about the Chozha Kings and their genealogy. The Chozhas declare themselves to be from Ikshvaku Dynasty and have recorded this in Thiruvalankadu Copperplates.

When we check the genealogy of Ikshvaku Dynasty, we find that Muchukunda, though shown in the dynasty, did not become a king after his father Mandhata.

Kings after Muchukunda Chozha.

ChitradhanvanGenealogy from Chola Inscriptions

When we compare the list ,that is as mentioned by Cholas and by Sanskrit texts as Ikshvaku Dynasty, we find that Muchukunda Chozha did not come to power after Mandhata. Mandhata is succeeded by his son Purukutsa I.The reason is that Mandhata married a Yadava princess and of her was born Muchukunda.

(Yuvanashwa Father of Mandhata Chaitrarathi-

Children-Purukutsa, Ambarisha and Muchukunda)

Mandhata married Bindumati Chaitrarathi, daughter of Yadava king Shashabindu and granddaughter of Chitraratha.

As Muchukunda did not succeed Mandhata in the lineage as shown in Ikshvaku Dynasty list it is because Mandhata’s son Muchukunda was through the Yadava princess Chaitrarathi.

Muchukunda , it may be theorised that he ruled the area ruled by Mandhata who is the first recorded Chakravarthi in Indian texts, Shodasha Rajika , Great Emperors ‘Mandhata on assuming power organized a strong army and led a series of expedition against his neighbouring kingdoms. The rulers of Kashi and Maithila and his uncle Tansu, the ruler of Prathisthan accepted his suzerainty. Other important rulers whom Mandhata vanquished were Janmejaya the king of Anavas, the Yadava king Sasabindu of Mahishamati and Marutta a king described as one of the five great emperors of ancient India and ruling over territory around North West India. The Asura kingdoms of Varshikha and Narmani were also subdued. Mandhata had a long war with the Druhyu king Angara who ruled over Punjab and finally killed him and conquered his kingdom. Angara’s son Gandhara accepted the suzerainty of Mandhata, moved towards North-West (Afghanistan) and gave his name to that region.

His other brother Ambareesa was married to Yadav dynasty,which is a sub division of Puru Dynasty (aka Chandra vansh or Lunar Dynasty) .And Muchukunda Chozha Ruled along with his father Mandhata North and North Western Provinces of present India.

  • King Magadha founded Magadha Kingdom.
  • Sudhanva was the nephew of King Magadha
  • Sudhanu
  • Suhotra
  • Chyavana
  • Chavana
  • Krtri
  • Kriti
  • Krta
  • Krtyagya
  • Krtavirya
  • Krtasena
  • Krtaka
  • Uparichara Vasu (Devotee of Lord Vishnu and a friend of Devaraja Indra) conquered Chedi Kingdom. Puru and Yadava Dynasty

(In his family was born Chitraratha who bore the title Vyaghraketu after his banner on which was the figure of a tiger.  He also bore as an ornament on his head the flowers of the dhataki (v. 37).[11] His son was Narendrapati who became king at the end of the Treta age.)  His son was king Vasu entitled Uparichara on account of his having received a celestial car from Indra by which he moved about in all directions South Indian inscriptions. Thiruvalankadu Copperplates

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  1. Didn’t he rule from Thiru Aroor? In old Tamil texts it has been said that it was Muchukunda who brought 5 Sphatika Lingas from Indra as return gift for helping Indra in vanquishing the Asuras. Kindly clarify.


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