Human History To be Rewritten Six Pre Historic Mu Lemuria Rama Atlantis Uyghur Hyperborean

And there is ample evidence to prove the existence of UFOs,UMOs(unidentified marine objects,classified data released by the then USSR. On UFOs,the released classified filed from the US are voluminous,including the testimony of Apollo Astronaut. Then there is Area B51 in the US which is a secret location and A BBC crew was arrested for trying to enter the area. There are proven UFO sightings. I have written on these,under UFO,Astrophysics. And there is this instance of US troops disappearing in Afghanisthan,while investigating the remains of an ancient Vimana,Aircraft. There is a tunnel from Mount Kailash to Iraq,through Romania. Three stone platforms were found,in one ,one can find his life flashing by,in another the sky map appears. Nobody is able to understand the Third Table. Then we have Anamolies, Human history,

Ayodhya of Rama Center of Sumeria

The import is that ,having been slighted by a Kshatriya,Parashurama decided to show that though Brahmins are soft by Nature and volition,they are not pushovers if the set their minds to. So he fought Kings,especially the Heheya Kings,to which Karthaviryurjuna belonged. This area was in the Narmada valley and areas surrounding it. Probable he crossed the Arabian Sea as well. One may recall that he created land out of sea to carve out what is present Kerala State in India. One may also recall that Parashurama settled down in South India and the Akkadian connection to Tamil. *Kinly check my articles on Rama Empire,Ellu in Akkadian Empire.

Rama Ruled Thirty One Years Not 11000

I have written on the  dates associated with Lord Rama. Birth/Deha Vyoha, Marriage, Leaving for  the forest with Sita, When Hanuman met Sita, Ravana was killed and Rama returned and was coronated. Lord Rama Dates These dates were arrived at by researchers looking into the Astronomical details found in the Valmiki Ramayana. And I have … Continue reading Rama Ruled Thirty One Years Not 11000

Kaikeyi Born In Russia World During Ramayana Part 3

Narahari Vishnu in Russia. Russia is sthree varsha, Amrvathi, the capital of Indra, the chief of Devas was in Russia, Yagnyavalkya lived in Russia, Lord Krishna’s son, Pradhyumna founded a city Port Baijin, Russis, The Vedas were called Santi Veda,….. River Moksha is found in Russia….. Narada Mountain called as Narodnya Mountain is found in the Urals, There is evidence galore. I had also written on a Vishnu idol being found in Russia.

World During Ramayana Part 2 Uyghur Ramayana Central Asia.

This article is in continuation of my article 'what was happening in the world during Ramayana, Part 1 India'. As I wrote in that article, the landmass was different from what it is today. See the map below. There were four ancient civilizations in those ancient times,out of them evolved the others. One of these,were … Continue reading World During Ramayana Part 2 Uyghur Ramayana Central Asia.