Human History To be Rewritten Six Pre Historic Mu Lemuria Rama Atlantis Uyghur Hyperborean

The period belonging to recorded history seems to a revisit.

This is because of new archeological findings that predate recorded history and one finds a lot of anomalies in regard to our advancements in almost every field.

Things that were there during that period should not be there ,going by our recorded history.

The Wheel was used during the Period of Ramayana,Mahabharatha and even much earlier according to Indian texts.

Chariots were used.

Advanced concepts in Physics,Chmistry,Biology,Astronomy,Quantum Theory are found in Indians texts,along with Atomic theory and  theories in almost all disciplines and practical applications of theories in building Aircrafts,Radar,Space Suits,diet for Astronauts.

I have written on each of these.

And there is ample evidence to prove the existence of UFOs,UMOs(unidentified marine objects,classified data released by the then USSR.

On UFOs,the released classified filed from the US are voluminous,including the testimony of Apollo Astronaut.

Then there is Area B51 in the US which is a secret location and A BBC crew was arrested for trying to enter the area.

There are proven UFO sightings.

I have written on these,under UFO,Astrophysics.

And there is this instance of US troops disappearing in Afghanisthan,while investigating the remains of an ancient Vimana,Aircraft.

There is a tunnel from Mount Kailash to Iraq,through Romania.

Three stone platforms were found,in one ,one can find his life flashing by,in another the sky map appears.

Nobody is able to understand the Third Table.

Then we have Anamolies,

Human history,

Science Anamoloies,


Time travel anomalies,

I shall be writing on each of these in detail.

I shall be examining the Civilizations of the world of prehistoric times.

Civilizations do not develop overnight.

They take thousands of years.

The same with languages//literature.

And when we speak of ancient times,We should remember that the landmass then was different from what it is today.

There were Super Continents,Rodina,Pangea,Lemuria ,Atlantis.

The effort to discredit Atlantis and Lemuria has come to nought,with archeological and geological evidences surfacing and with advanced dating tools like infra red dating and Plate tectonics studies.

We also must remember that Ocean floor is not explored even by ten percent!

Amazon is explored only by 10 percent.

We can not understand how marine beings could live under the oceans,miles deep,with water pressure crushing everything.

As to Stars,We are yet to understand the Magnitude of the Universe.

The known Universe is of Matter made of Atoms in the conventional sense.

That is Electron with negative charge,proton with positive charge and neutron,neutral.

Now we find that there is anti matter,which has these three with Electron with positive charge,Proton with Negative charge and Netron,Neutral.

Then we have Quantum Theory.

An atom is present in more than one place at the same time.

Your perception of an object,atom,changes it,and it also changes your perception of it.

Atoms communicate with each other at long distances.

Very scarce information is available on Magnetism,Gravity and Time.

Such bein the real case our knowledge is very limited and we should not abrogate ourselves into believing what we know now is the truth or facts.

Considering these points,one must be prepared to look for additional sources of Knowledge,including Intuition,theories of Interstellar visit of Aliens,Aliens manipulating our DNA.

And we should also examine the  circumstances leading to the Great Flood mentioned in all mythologies and almost all legends.

Unless we can disprove them,they are data to be verified.

What has been dismissed as legend, myth is proved to be fact.

For example,Ramayana,Mahabharata,Krishna,Dwaraka,Madurai,Poompuhar,Tamil Sandals..

I shall be attempting to understand these issues in forthcoming articles by verifying all these thoughts with the help of modern technics and wherever it is called for with Intution and from Authentic sources where most facts are verifiable except some areas,which may be due to our limitations in understanding.

To begin with I will start with the first prehistoric civilizations.




Rama Empire ,

Atlantis and


Featured image credit. BBC.

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