List of Over 1000 Ancient Indian Rare Manuscripts Tokyo University

However lot of Manuscripts have found their way into Foreign Museums, Smithsonian, Gallery of Arts, UK, The Louvre , Paris, Vatican. ….

History of India Ancient To 18 Century Authentic Controversial Books Writers

Knowledge of Prakrit and Pali would be advantageous. Then one must read texts from Indian languages, other than Sanskrit, like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali. And one should refer to Jain and Buddhist texts from India and from other countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. They have their origins in Bharatvarsha. Will be writing on sources from Indian regional languages and from Ancient Historians from the West.

Uyghur Civilization Dravida Shiva Sanatana Dharma Connected?

In classical Tamil the prefix of MU indicates very ancient. Elders are called Moothoor,Old age as Mudhumai and Madurai was called as Madurai Moodhoor. In the process of Shiva returning to India he passed through the area,which probably had a civilization or Shiva founded one. It was the Uyghur Civilization.

Human History To be Rewritten Six Pre Historic Mu Lemuria Rama Atlantis Uyghur Hyperborean

And there is ample evidence to prove the existence of UFOs,UMOs(unidentified marine objects,classified data released by the then USSR. On UFOs,the released classified filed from the US are voluminous,including the testimony of Apollo Astronaut. Then there is Area B51 in the US which is a secret location and A BBC crew was arrested for trying to enter the area. There are proven UFO sightings. I have written on these,under UFO,Astrophysics. And there is this instance of US troops disappearing in Afghanisthan,while investigating the remains of an ancient Vimana,Aircraft. There is a tunnel from Mount Kailash to Iraq,through Romania. Three stone platforms were found,in one ,one can find his life flashing by,in another the sky map appears. Nobody is able to understand the Third Table. Then we have Anamolies, Human history,

Two Tamil Empires In India Northwest, South India? Missing History

While Subrahmanya and Shiva merit only a limited mention in the Vedas, they are the principle Deities in the Dravida Desa. And there was a Tamil Kingdom, Elamite, now the term has become corrupted to be Elam. The Elamite people lived around the present Iran and spoke a Language which has been traced to Tamil. And some tribes in Iran speak this language which resembles Tamil even today! The Tamils were referred to as Dramila in Vedic texts..Is there a subtle message here? Yes,