List of Over 1000 Ancient Indian Rare Manuscripts Tokyo University

Treasures of Ancient Indian texts were transmitted

orally .

Later material was written in Palm leaves.

This system was followed in Sanskrit, Pali,Prakrit and by regional languages like Tamil.

Transfer of texts orally ensured that they were not lost by arson or destruction by Invaders.

However lot of Manuscripts have found their way into Foreign Museums, Smithsonian, Gallery of Arts, UK, The Louvre , Paris, Vatican. ….


Some of the materials are very rare and they contain advanced scientific thoughts and philosophy.

One such collection is found in Matsunami Collection, Japan.

It has over 1000 Books, with commentary and elaborate notes.

They cover Veda, Tantra, Buddhism, Advanced Yoga,and Scientifique treatises.

Would philanthropists or the Government restore these treasures back to India?

And more treasures like,

Vedic Atreya Shiksha in Tamil in GermanyVedic Atreya Shiksha in Tamil in Germany

# A Palmleaf manuscript is shown as Featured Image.

Siddhas Manuscripts


Photographs of Manuscripts .Frontispiece 

Preface. iii 

Acknowledgement. v 

Abbreviation . vi 

Part I Short Descriptions of each Manuscript. 1 

Part II Catalogue of the Contents. 185 

Section I. Sutra . 187 

Section II. Avadana. 213 

Section III. Tantra. 245 

Section IV. Dharanl . 287 

Section V. Sastra . 350 

Section VI. Non-Buddhist Work . 360 

Appendix. 375 

Tables of the New and Old Numbers of the Manuscripts . 377

Reference and citation.

Matsunami 1965, A Catalogue Of The Sanskrit Manuscripts In The Tokyo University Library

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