Where are Siddha’s Manuscripts

I have earlier posted an article informing where the Vedic Manuscripts are  available.


Siddhas, spoken of in detail in Tamil Literature.


They are Yogins, who are self realized souls.


They transcend time.


Though they have shed their physical frame, they are capable of taking new forms and are reported to be present especially in and around Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu ,in Kolli ranges,Dharmapuri District,Tamil Nadu and also around Podhigai Range( Western Ghata, near Thirunelveli)


There is Chaturagiri where the temple is located and even to day there are reports of Siddhas being present there .


Please read my post on this.


The Siddhas are not only the masters of self realization, but excellent Doctors and scientists.


They are thought of eighteen in number, though they are many more.


I shall be writing more on each of them.


For general information on Siddhas please read my post on Siddhas.


Their works are found in Tamil Nadu.


Where are the manuscripts?


India possesses an estimate of five million manuscripts, probably the largest collection in the world. These cover a variety of themes, textures and aesthetics, scripts, languages, calligraphies, illuminations and illustrations.
Together, they constitute the ‘memory’ of India’s history, heritage and thought.
The Saraswathi Mahal Library and Manuscriptlogy dept of Tamil University at Thanjavur and the following institutes in Chennai,
The Govt. Oriental Manuscript Library, U.Ve.Swaminathaiyer Library , Institute
of Asian Studies, International Institute of Tamil Studies,Siddha Central Research Institute, Literary division of the Directorate on Indian
Medicine and Homeopathy, Govt. of Tamil Nadu posses a large number of Siddha manuscripts apart from religious mutts and private
With copies of the same work being available in different libraries and individual possession it is considered about 800 original works of texts
of Siddha Medicine are available and of which about 160 have been published as of now.
The Govt. Oriental Manuscript Library has digitized and created catalogue for 1085 Tamil Siddha
manuscripts in the year 2005
Citation Research article.

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