Bhagavad Gita In Egyptian Pyramid NOW With Private Collector?

# During my visit to UK in April 2019, I visited the Museum to check the information contained in this article. I was informed by the curator that the artifact was returned to the private collector. The curator informed me that he could not divulge information about the collector. In Leeds Musuem, I saw a Third Century BC Vishnu Panchaloka Idol. The curator was reluctant to share additional information except the date. I received information as comment from a reader as to where the tomb is. The comment. ‘ Jessica MAY 24, 2016 AT 23:52 EDIT 0 0 Rate This Mr. Ramani, Its Pyramid 2 in Egypt but the tablet was immediately taken to British Museum and no photographs can be found online)

Sanatana Dharma Answers My YouTube Videos

And it has become necessary to inform people of the latest Archeological finds that confirm our History as detailed in our Purana , Ithihasas, Sthala Puranas, References in regional languages of India.

Mantras,Sources Types Letters

I have written in my earlier post on the Definition of Mantra . In this article I shall deal with the sources of Mantras. The uniqueness of Hinduism is that it is not Theories,but are experiences of the Seekers. An individual,who seeks Truth,arrives at it through various paths, according to his disposition and abilities. So, … Continue reading Mantras,Sources Types Letters