Abraham Descendant Of Indian Kashmiri Brahmins Kaul

The Brahmins of India are a Priestly Class,advisors to Kings and the Devout Jews are King among Priests.

The Nondualistic Concept,Advaitha is found in the Vedas.

Swasthika,a Hindu Symbol of Auspiciousness is found in Judaism.
The so-called Jewish Star which is the emblem of the Jews is a Tantric, Vedic symbol. It consists of two, interlocked triangles with the apex of one facing North and the other South. This symbol is drawn in front of every
orthodox Hindu home in stone-powder design every morning after the house is washed. The desing/drawing is known as Rangawali alias Rongoli. Even its name David is the Sanskrit word Devi, i.e., ” bestowed by the Mother

Lord Rama Grandmother Pandyan Princess Indumadhi

Lord Rama

Puranas and Ithihasas,Ramayana and Mahabharatha are dismissed because they are religious texts(?).

Yet they would accept the Bible!
Rama’s ancestor Sibi,a Chola King built the Thiruvellarai Temple,about 10 km from Srirangam,Tamil Nadu in honour of Lord Vishnu as Pundarikaksha.

Veda Reference to Tamils Dravida Dakshinapada

Concept of One God in Rig Veda

I assumed that Indians,educated included are aware of these references.

Thanks to western education and doctored History of India,where everything  worthwhile in India was/is being dated only after the birth of Christ,despite overwhelming archeological evidence and foreign literary works.

I have also written that Poompuhar,excavated sometime back,is dated around 30,000 years ago and the Period literature Silappadikaram mentions Vedas.

And there is a million year old archeological site in Chennai ,India that had an advanced Tamil civilisation.

The earliest Tamil grammatical work of Tamil mentions Vedas and its author Tholkaapiyar declares himself to be a Brahmin well versed in the Vedas.

And I have written many articles on this subject of the intimate relationship between Sanatana Dharma and Tamil/s.

However there have been quite a few mails asking me to produce evidence of Tamil being mentioned in Early Sanskrit Texts.

Improbable Is Possible Sanatana Dharma Tamil World History

I shall be writing a series with evidence on some of my conclusions, which might border on Wild imagination to plain crazy.

So the idea that One could see the world with a small device in one’s palm and communicate.’

When checked with resources from ancoient Indian texts,foreign literarure not being referred to in our curricula,archaeology,Astronomy,Astro-archeaology,Philology,Linguistics,Racial theories,Geology, and the past cultures of the world and their religion and legends,I found,