Search Sita In Peru Nazca Lines Sugreeva Ramayana

Bharata Varsha included the Americas, as I had posted earlier.


The Americas were the  Patala Loka as described in Hindu texts.


There is yet another evidence pointing in this direction.


Sugreeva directs his army of Vanaras  to search for Sita in Lima, Peru, which is to be identified by the Nazca Lines , in the form of a Trident.


“””In Ramyan, when King Sugriv directs his men in all directions in search of Sita, he instructs people going to east direction to check out for a TRIDENT engraved on a mountain.

He describes the Trident as “A long Golden flagstick with three limbs stuck on top.

It always glitters in when seen from sky”. (This trident is on west coast of peru – Lima and is visible clearly from the sky)

In Valmiki Ramayan – Kishkindha Kaand – The sanskrit shlok is as below: (Kishkindha-39/47-48)

Kishkindha Kanda-39/47-48) Ramayana Sloka.jpg.
Kishkindha Kanda-39/47-48) Ramayana Sloka.


Nazca Lines.jpg
Nazca Lines.



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