Nataraja,Shiva In Orion Constellation, Cave Arts As Hunter Kratha Shiva

The Nazca Lines of Peru looks like Shiva’s Trishul.

It also seems to be OM in Tamil Brahmi Script.

Orion Constellation resembles Hunter.

Lord Shiva is called Kratha,The Hunter and the only temple of Shiva as Kratha,The Hunter is in Kerala,India.

This temple is for the son of Shiva.

After Lord Shiva granted the Pasupatha Astra to Arjuna, Lor Shiva and Parvathy had a son.

He is worshiped as Vettukorumakan in Kerala and some parts of Tamil Nadu.

I have been able to decipher Na,Ma Si. Please check and offer opinion. This blog is exploratory in nature. Constructive suggestion for improvement of content is welcome.

Brahmi Script Khakassia Petrogyph Siberia Nazca Lines Peru 5000 Years?

Brahmi Script of India.

One finds the Nazca Lines of Peru being described as the mark of the Trident of Shiva,(Trishul) by Sugreeva in the Sundara Kanda of Ramayana,when he adivises his army to searck for Sita in the land where Shiva’s Trishul is found.

The Tree of Life is considered as a Female Principle and the Mayan Religion has the Manasa Devi,Goddess of Snake and poison of Hinduism and the Yoga Chakras as the basis of their Religion.

Mahabali Founded Bali Discovered Americas Polynesia South East Asia?

Kerala was a part of Tamil kingdom in Lemuria and Lemurians were referred to as the Southerners,Dravida and were reported to be in Patala,down the earth.

The territories we call as south east Asia Australia were in the south.

One must remember that the landmass of the earth was different then.

Lemuria and MU territories encompassed these areas.

Ramayana and Sumerian texts state that Lemurians lived there.

Shiva,who predates Sanatana Dharma was in the south.

Shiva’s trishul marks are found as Nazca lines in Peru.

The Incas,Mayas were the descendants of the Tamils.