Nataraja,Shiva In Orion Constellation, Cave Arts As Hunter Kratha Shiva

All civilizations have references to Celestial phenomena.

The refer constellations,Milky way or some Zodiac signs.

The Zodiac signs are alluded to Legends, Mythology and faith systems of a particular race or civilization.

Some researchers have linked these concepts to UFO,Aliens, Ancient Space Technology.

Thus we find sculptures, Petroglyphs ((Rock Art) Cave paintings of ancient sites unearthed.

We have the Nazca Lines,Peru, Stonehenge in UK ,Cave arts in France, Germany,Tibet, Romania, Australia and in Karnataka,Tamil Nadu and other parts of India.

We do find sculptures of this type in many temples of India,where one can find Astronaut costumes,UFO like sculptures.

And unique to Hinduism is the fact that every event is marked ,referred to and linked to Celestial phenomenon.

And many temples were built, aligned to Cosmic presence or constellations.

These temples,or some of them are linked to Earth’s features like its Geomagnetic activity ot its centre.

Gods in Hinduism are linked to celestial events..

Vishnu’s foot print in sky,

Vishnu’s Discus as Andromeda Galaxy,

‘ I am producing information on Eight Shiva Temples of Shiva.

They are located in the same Longitude,

79* 41.

Nataraja temple,Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu,which is designed after Orion Constellation’s Supernova explosion.

There is Empty Space in the enclosure adjacent to Nataraja idol in the temple.

Aarthi is performed to this Space after an Aarthi is offered to Nataraja.

This empty Space reflects the Abstract principle Brahman, the Reality.

Researches have been conducted on this temple on various aspects, its construction, Roof, Pillars, Magnetic Radiation,

Natarja’s Big Toe is presumed to represent the center of the universe.

It is also stated that Lord Nataraja ‘s big toe is the Centre Point of World ‘s Magnetic Equator.

Chidambaram ,Kanchipuram and Sri Kalahasti lie in a straight line at 79* 41 East Longitude…

Nataraja Temple Chidambaram represents Supernova Explosion 1054 AD

Now evidence has come to light that this Hunter Constellation,Orion,is found in the Petroglyphs in Tamil Nadu, especially in Narthamalai,Dindigul District,Tamil Nadu,India.

These are found elsewhere in India.

Will be writing on this.

It is curious to note that Shiva legends in some form or other is present in all world civilizations.

The Nazca Lines of Peru looks like Shiva’s Trishul.

It also seems to be OM in Tamil Brahmi Script.

Orion Constellation resembles Hunter.

Lord Shiva is called Kratha,The Hunter and the only temple of Shiva as Kratha,The Hunter is in Kerala,India.

This temple is for the son of Shiva.

After Lord Shiva granted the Pasupatha Astra to Arjuna, Lor Shiva and Parvathy had a son.

He is worshiped as Vettukorumakan in Kerala and some parts of Tamil Nadu.

Vettukorumakan, means son of Hunter.

When one finds these references around the world, the Shiva presence around the world is more than a coincidence.
And we have the Petroglyphs!
The Orion is a prominent Constellation located in the celestial equator and visible in the entire world. It is one of the most commonly visible and recognizable constellation.

The distinctive pattern of Orion has been recognized in numerous cultures around the world, and many myths have been associated with it. It has also been used as a symbol in the modern world.
At Narthamalai there is a Pictograph of a Hunter and other Pictographs of three different human figures as single group are drawn in white color. It is drawn on celling of the Shelter, which is underneath of a hill known as Aalurutimalai.
Narthamalai is located at 10.51 degree N and 78.76 degree E. The Orion is clearly visible in the night sky from December to June,and it will raise at different location from east to west an altitude of + or – 10 degree with refer to celestial equator.
The Orion Constellation


Figure -1

Figure -1 has to be compared with, “One of the most splendid of all constellations in sky is Orion, the Hunter (Kaalpurusha)*. Visible in the night sky all through the winter months, it is one of the easiest to identify. Its seven main stars, two of which are the first magnitude, make up the distinctive figure of a man the hunter wielding a club in his right hand and a shield in his left hand. He has a sword hanging from his belt.” (* BimanBasu, The joy of star watching; 1999, Published by National book trust, India. P. 36.)


The seven figures are found in a rock art drawn in black color in Kozhiyuthu, near Palani, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, India.
Figure -2 has to be compared with “One of the symbol of Jainism* is a standing human figure with both hands rested on the hip”.
(Thanks to : *The 18th Century A.D., Jaina diagram of Puruuskarayantra- Philip Rawson, The art of Tantra, 1973-1978, published by Oxford University Press, New york and Toronto, ps. 152-153)
Figures – 3 and 4
The figures-3 and 4 is appears to be representing the hunter. Figure -3 is the Mrigasirus or Lambda Orionis which marks the hunter’s head as an animal.
The word “Orion” is appears to be originated from a Tamil Word “Orai”. According to ancient time measurement – 2.5 naligai is equal to one Orai *. The Naligai and Oraiare the unit of time measurement of time “Kaal or Kalam”. (*Ramalingagurukal, JothitagrahaChindamani(Periyavarushathinool, 2000, published by B.RathinaNayakar and sons, Chennai.79, p. 5)
Time Measurements*
2 Kannimai = 1 Nodi (Kai Nodi)
2 Kai Nodi = 1 Maattirai


Mattirai = 1 Guru


Guru = 1 Uyir


Uyir = 1 sanigam


2 Sanigam = 1 Vinadi


0 Vinadi = 1 Naaligai


.5 Naaligai = 1 Orai (Hour)


.75 Naligai = 1 Muhuurtham


Muhuurtham = 1 Caamam


Caamam = 1 Poludu


Poludu = 1 Naal (day)


5 Naal = 1 Pakkam


Pakkam = 1 Maadam (month)


Maadam = 1 Ayanam


Ayanam = 1 Aandu (year)


0 Aandu = 1 Vattam (Circle)


Tamil EluthiyalPairchi” – Dr.K.Balasubramanian, Published by Sarasvathi Mahal Library, Tanjavur. P. 19.

For more,Measurements Hinduism Tamil in this site

omments of Gary A David
“I am the Author of “The Orion Zone” and four more books on Archaeo-Astronomy, concentrating on the southwestern area of the United States. I have also have been featured on international radio interviews and on U.S. television programs.
Since 1997, I have studied Orion and various man-made structures and Rock Art that represent this Constellation. All over the globe, Orion- pattern in the sky is frequently reproduced by certain megalithic constructions on the ground. (Mega- means “large” and lithic means “stone.”) In essence, the earth structures mirror the pattern in the sky.
In addition, the rising and setting of Orion- stars are sometimes lined up with certain astronomical markers. Various cultural sites in Peru, Mesoamerica, North America, Great Britain, Ireland, Europe, Africa, and Egypt, along with other locations across the world, concentrate on this particular constellation with an archetypal intensity.
Now we have a solid proof of the “Orion archetype” found in the pictographs (rock paintings) of Narthamalai, Tamil Nadu, dated to 1500 BC or earlier. Painted in white, a human figure is seen with the typical upraised right arm as well as the left arm holding either a shield or club or spear. Associated with this figure is a representation of two triangles with their apexes touching.
This type of figure is also found in Rock Art of the Americas and Africa. In North America it signifies warfare between Native American tribes. For the Igbo tribe of Nigeria it signifies the Great Mother Goddess called Mbari. In India this double-triangle may represent the Female- Male complex. It may also represent the ‘hurglass drum’or ‘dumroo’,a two-headedsacred drum of Lord Shiva.

Source for Block Quote.

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