Eight Shiva Temples Straight Line 79*41 Longitude

I have to refer, in my attempt to unravel Indian History, to a lot of materiel  from Archaeology,Astronomy, Etymology,History,Linguistics, local, foreign Legends,Religious texts,Ancient maps and the temples around the world.

Shiva Temples Same Longitude ,India
Shiva Temples Same Longitude

Temples, especially in India speak .

I have written on ,

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Shiva Temples in Straight Line

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And more.Please check the related posts in each article mentioned above.

I have also written on the Pyramids of Egypt, Temples in the South East and Middle East.

There seems to be some geometry associated with them, which we are yet to unfathom.

I am checking on these.

I am producing information on Eight Shiva Temples of Shiva.

They are located in the same Longitude,

79* 41.

Now There are eight Shiva  temples in the same Longitude.

Some marginally away .

This could be due to the spinning fo the earth’s Axis and its consequent shift.

Eight Shiva Temples in the Same Longitude.


  1. Kedarnath – Kedarnath Temple (30.7352° N, 79.0669)
  2. Kaleshwaram – Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara swamy Temple (18.8110, 79.9067)
  3. Srikalahati – Srikalahasti Temple (13.749802, 79.698410)
  4. Kanchipuram – Ekambareswarar Temple (12.847604, 79.699798)
  5. Thiruvanaikaval – Jambukeswara Temple (10.853383, 78.705455)
  6. Tiruvannamalai – Annamalaiyar Temple (12.231942, 79.067694)
  7. Chidambaram – Nataraja Temple (11.399596, 79.693559)
  8. Rameswaram – Ramanathaswamy Temple(9.2881, 79.3174)

I shall be writing more on  Geometrically aligned structures in the World and their connection to Hindusim.

Of course I shall be writing on Rosaline Line

5 responses to “Eight Shiva Temples Straight Line 79*41 Longitude”

  1. All great Hindu temples around the world are built as a models of Rocket/ Space craft they arrived in here. The construction geometry is aligned to North, South, East,west. Height and Length & Breadth ratios are similar and are based on Earths circumference and Diameter.


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