Light Beam Shoots Towards Sky Thiruvannamalai Video

with a mysterious "light beam" emerging from the top. (Image credit: Hector Siliezar)

The Twelve Jyotirlinga temples form a Fibonacci Spiral.Seven Shiva temples are located in the same longitude.There is no landmass between the Dwajasthamba in Somnath and Antarctica. US soldiers on the trail of Ancient Aircraft,Vimana in Afghanistan disappeared.


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Many have corresponded on the authenticity of the statements I have made in these articles and requested details.

My intention is to provide information on Indian History and the Purana, Ithihahasa and The Vedas that they are not stories or fantasies but facts and history ,aprt from conveying deep philosophical thoughts.

Eight Shiva Temples Straight Line 79*41 Longitude

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I have also written on the Pyramids of Egypt, Temples in the South East and Middle East.

There seems to be some geometry associated with them, which we are yet to unfathom.

I am checking on these.

I am producing information on Eight Shiva Temples of Shiva.

They are located in the same Longitude,

79* 41.

Arunachala Shiva Thiruvannamalai Three Billion Years Old, GSI

Geological experiments in and around Tiuvannamalai have revealed that the rock (charnokite) which makes up Arunachala covering is older than 3.5 billion years old ( Geological Survey of India) and

Banded Iron formations around Tiruvannamalai area are thought to be about 3 billion years old.

Mount Shastha, California,Thiruvannamalai’s Twin

Taking this further, what the Puranas state being underneath something in Bharatavarsha, it is reasonable to assume to find such objects in the Americas.

Mayan Civilization falls under this category and I shall be posting on this in detail.

Now to Mount Shastha In California,

“”Arunachala is the most sacred holy place of all…….. The Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi said that Arunachala was the top of the spiritual axis of the earth and that there must be another mountain corresponding to it at the opposite side of the globe